Allen Solly in the Indian Women's Western Wear Market *



Case Code : SCMKTG042
Publication date :2005
Subject : Subject :Marketing
Industry :Readymade Garments
Length : 7 Pages


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The case examines the changing dynamics of the women's wear market in India during the 1990s and early-2000s. Changes in India's cultural values and social system, and the impact of these changes on the dressing styles of Indian women are explored in detail. Madura Garment's decision to enter the readymade women's Western wear segment is examined in detail in light of the above changes. The case discusses the strategies adopted by the company in terms of marketing research, product design, retailing and promotion. The case also provides information about other players in the women's Western wear market in India and takes a look at the market's future prospects.


Understand the reasons for the increased activity in the branded women's Western wear market in India in the early 21st century.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Examine the circumstances that prompted Madura to launch women's Western wear in the Indian readymade women's wear industry. Why do you think companies primarily offered only men's wear in the branded readymade apparel segment in the country? What kind of cultural and social changes led to the launch of Allen Solly Women's Wear?
2. Critically analyze the product development, retailing and promotional strategies adopted for Allen Solly women's wear. What are the essential differences between marketing readymade apparel to men and marketing readymade apparel to women in a developing country? How would your answer differ if the target customer base belonged to a developed country?
3. 'Madura has taken a major risk by extending a 'pure men's brand' to the women's wear segment.' Comment on this statement in light of observation that men might switch over to a pure male brand in the future. Do you think Madura's move could erode Allen Solly's brand equity?4. Analyze the structure of and trends in the Internet browsing industry. Which factors among Michael Porter's five forces model are likely to play a key role in shaping the future of the Internet browsing industry? Why? 4. With many players entering the women's Western wear segment, do you think Allen Solly would be able to grow as planned? As part of a team responsible for managing the brand, help the company design a marketing strategy plan to attain leadership position in the women's western wear segment.

Key words:
Changing dynamics, women, wear market, India, 1990, 2000, cultural values, social system, dressing styles, Indian women, Madura Garment, readymade women, Western wear, marketing research, product design, retailing, promotion, future prospects

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