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Interview with Elaine Dundon

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Innovation is now a prerequisite for survival in the 21st Century, not just "nice to do if we have time."

Interview by -  Pradip Sinha,
Associate Consultant,
ICMR (IBS Center for Management Research).

Elaine Dundon is author of the International best selling book. The Seeds of Innovation, and founder of The Innovation Group.

How do you define innovation? Are innovation and creativity interrelated?

When we use the term 'innovation', we are referring to a broad concept that goes beyond just creative thinking (the spark of a new idea) to consider the strategic implications of the idea as well as the transformational aspects (overcoming resistance to change and gaining support so that the new idea can be implemented within the organization or marketplace). We are also referring to a broader concept than just technology or new product ideas, for innovative thinking is needed in order to maximize both existing portfolios and organizational processes.

How critical is innovation for survival in the 21st century?

The topic of 'innovation' certainly has hit the radar screen of companies, governments and nonprofit organizations across the world. One needs to look no further than the numerous job advertisements that either promise an 'innovative work environment' or seek employees with 'innovative spirit' and interest in joining "our innovation team". Indeed, technology has had a profound impact on how organizations in all industries and sectors compete in the global marketplace, forcing some to reduce prices just to survive and others to look for non-traditional sources of revenue. While we are surrounded in our everyday lives by many examples of technological innovation, it is "innovative thinking" and "innovation output" in all areas of organization life that are most needed now - more than ever before. Innovation is now a prerequisite for survival in the 21st Century, not just "nice to do if we have time."

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