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ICFAI Business School Winner in 31st Case Centre Awards

IBS wins crucial category award, increases number of worldwide bestsellers

Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha
Syeda Maseeha Qumer
Hyderabad, March 1, 2021: ICFAI Business School case “Disney Enters Streaming Space: Can it Disrupt the Disruptor?", authored by Syeda Maseeha Qumer and Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha, won the “Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management” category at The Case Centre Awards 2021. The UK-based The Case Centre (TCC) is the independent home of the case method and its awards celebrate worldwide excellence in case teaching and writing.

The case is about The Walt Disney Company’s attempts to disrupt the streaming space in 2018 by pitching itself against Netflix who had disrupted the home entertainment market. The case looks at the daunting task faced by Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger (Iger) in building a massive streaming platform while integrating two big content-creation rivals (Disney and 21st Century Fox, which it acquired in 2017) which had drastically different images and corporate cultures.


Richard McCracken, Director of TCC, said: “Debapratim now has 11 trophies to his name, including five in this category, and is just two away from Sumantra Ghoshal’s all-time record of 13 awards.” Renowned management guru Sumantra Ghosal was the most successful individual author with 13 awards between 1991 and 2006, when the award was restricted to only European institutions. TCC had noted that competition increased in 2011 when the awards went global as established players from North America became eligible. Dr. Purkayastha won his 11 awards between 2014 and 2021.

Case Centre Awards Won by Dr Purkayastha (2014-2020)





Big Data Strategy of Procter & Gamble: Turning Big Data into Big Value Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management 2020 Debapratim Purkayastha and Vinod Babu Koti
Apple and Conflict Minerals: Ethical Sourcing for Sustainability Production and Operations Management 2020 Debapratim Purkayastha and Adapa Srinivasa Rao
Employee Training & Development at Ritz-Carlton: Fostering an Exceptional Customer Service Culture Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour 2019 Debapratim Purkayastha
Turbulence on the Tarmac Outstanding Compact Case 2019 Debapratim Purkayastha and Sid Ghosh
Amazon's Big Data Strategy Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management 2019 Debapratim Purkayastha and Adapa Srinivasa Rao
Breaking the Code of Silence Outstanding Case Writer 2018 Syeda Maseeha Qumer, Debapratim Purkayastha, and Vijaya N. Zinnoury
Netflix: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Entertainment Hits Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management 2016 Debapratim Purkayastha and Tangirala Vijay Kumar
Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method 2015 Debapratim Purkayastha
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc. Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour 2015 Adapa Srinivasa Rao and Debapratim Purkayastha
Digital Marketing at Nike: From Communication to Dialogue Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management 2014 Debapratim Purkayastha and Adapa Srinivasa Rao

Source: The Case Centre


Regarding the win Dr. Purkayastha, Director, IBS Case Research Center, noted: “This category has grown in significance in the new age marked by digital disruption, and we are proud that IBS has had continuous success in this category. What’s more, in a very tough year marked by the pandemic, IBS had a record 18 bestselling cases this year, which is next only to Harvard!  All this shows why a growing number of students and recruiters prefer IBS. Our students are taught with the same cases that are taught at the world’s best b-schools, and thus help them transform into well-rounded, future-ready professionals.”

The other winners in The Case Centre Awards include Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Darden, Ivey Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, etc.