The Marks & Spencer- Reliance Retail Joint Venture*



Case Code : CLBS054
Publication date : 2008
Subject : Business Strategy
Industry : Retail
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Key words:

Joint Venture, retail, franchise, product portfolio, seamless malls, sourcing, competitive advantage, logistics, licensees, cash-and-carry wholesale, Foreign Investment Promotion Board, FIPB , Reliance Retail Limited, Reliance Fresh, Mark & Spencer


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In April 2008, Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) and Marks & Spencer (M&S) announced their plans to enter into a joint venture (JV). The JV would help M&S to expand its operations in India by widening its portfolio and RRL to position itself in the higher strata of the society, targeting premium customers. However, analysts felt that the JV could face competition from existing Indian retail major Pantaloons Retail India Ltd and other global retailers such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, and Carrefour, who were trying to gain a foothold in the country's retail sector.


 » Industry analysis
 » Mode of entry & expansion
 » Competition


On April 18, 2008, Marks & Spencer Group plc (M&S), one of the largest retailers in the UK, announced that it was entering into a joint venture (JV) with Reliance Retail Limited (RRL), the retail arm of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), with the aim of expanding its operations in India...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Critically analyze Marks & Spencer’s strategy for India. Analyze the rationale behind the JV with RRL and enumerate the benefit to both the parties.

2. Do you think Marks & Spencer will be able to tap the opportunities offered by the Indian retail industry? Also, comment on how the new venture will fare against the existing Indian players and the onslaught of global MNCs in the future.

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