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(Please note: If you plan to use a case study in the classroom or in training programs, you must purchase multiple copies of the case study)

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Pricing for Individual Cases
Pricing for Case e-Books
Case Subscription Model
Annual Licensing for B-Schools
Annual Licensing for Corporates

Item Price
First Copy Multiple Copies

Case Studies

INR 200 to INR. 700

The document is supplied as a locked PDF file with ‘Do Not Copy’ watermark; The file can be downloaded immediately after transaction is completed successfully.

For delivery of hard copy by courier (only within India), add INR 100 more for each number of items.

(If payment is made through PayPal, prices range from USD 8 to USD 56. Instant download is not available with this option. Instead, the PDF file will be sent by e-mail.)

5-50 Copies 51-100 Copies 101 + Copies
INR 200






INR 175 INR 150
Caselet (Short Case
Rs 50 to Rs 100 Rs. 75/Rs.50 per copy.
Case e-Books The price of the case e- book varies between INR 900 and INR 4500. This will be a locked PDF file. Customers who are interested in buying cases on specific Themes/Functional Areas will find significant value in buying these case e-books. The number of case studies in e-books varies between 5 and 35 cases.
Research Report /  Industry Note Variable.
Teaching Note Available only to trainers / faculty. Price of Teaching Note: Detailed teaching notes (8 to 10 pages): INR 400
Short teachings notes (3 pages): INR 100.
Teaching notes are sent by e-mail only after the credentials of the person requesting them are verified.
Customer Loyalty Scheme ICMR values its loyal customers. Customers who purchase multiple copies of various case studies can avail discounts on their purchases as per the slab given above. The purchases must be made within the period of four months of placing the first order. This scheme is valid for customers purchasing more than 100 copies of various case studies (maximum of 10 cases). For more information, please write to us at
Please Note:

1. For enquiries regarding reprint permissions or the licensing of ICMR case studies for use in the classroom, please contact
2. Payments can also be made through cheques or demand drafts drawn in favor of ‘IBS Hyderabad’ and payable at Hyderabad, India.
3. Delivery of hard copies to destinations outside India is possible on request. Postage and handling will be INR 100 per item for the first 10 items, and Rs. 50 per item for each subsequent item.
4. Please note that Indian Standard Time (IST) is 5.30 hours ahead of GMT. Our working hours are 9.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m IST. Our office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
5. A caselet is a short case study (less than 4 pages long) prepared for the purpose of class discussion