Banking & Financial Services Industry Case Pack

Case Title Published in

The Morgan Stanley - Dean Witter Merger 2006
HSBC's Restructuring in India 2005
CSR Initiatives at HSBC 2005
JP Morgan Chase-IBM - The Outsourcing Journey 2005
The Rise and Fall of Global Trust Bank 2005
SBI's Microfinance Initiatives 2005
Governance Problems at Morgan Stanley 2005
Organization Culture at Goldman Sachs 2005
An industry note - Banking in India - Issues and Challenges for the Future 2005
The Acquisition Bid for UFJ Holdings 2004
State Bank of India - Competitive Strategies of a Market Leader 2004
The Turnaround of Indian Bank 2004
Sandy Weill and Citigroup 2004
Governance Problems in Citigroup Japan 2004
Knowledge Sharing Initiatives at the World Bank - Creating a Knowledge Bank 2004
Charles Schwab Customer Focused E-Business Strategy 2004
Merrill Lynch's IT Initiatives 2004
Securities and Exchange Board of India - Role as a Regulator 2004
Daiwa Bank - Lessons in Risk Management 2004
Allied Irish Banks - The Currency Derivatives Fiasco 2004
Derivatives Trading in India 2004
The Fall of Barings Bank 2004
The CRB Scam 2004
Warren Buffett - The Investment Guru 2004
Innovations in the Banking Industry in India 2004
Zurich Financial Services 2003
Saudi British Bank - HSBC's Saudi Arabian Experience 2003
Co-operative Bank Scams in India 2003
The Indian Housing Finance Industry At Crossroads 2003
Fannie Mae's Human Resource Management Policies 2003
American International Group Inc. 2002
Prudential Financial Inc. 2002
Sun Life Financial Services 2002
The Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Story 2002
The Tug of War Over Gesco Corporation 2002
NASDAQ's Securing Security Transaction 2002
Plastic Money - The Indian Experience 2002
Charles Schwab - Expanding Online Trading Applications 2002
Buyback of Shares and MNCs 2002
Film Insurance & Financing in India 2002
The Ketan Parekh Scam 2002
The ITC Classic Story 2002
The GTB - UTI Bank Merger 2002
Change Management @ ICICI 2002
The State Bank of India VRS 2001

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