Balbir Pasha - The Baadshah of Aids Campaigns in India*



Case Code : CLCB008
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Length : 04 Pages
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Key words:

Population Services International (PSI), Operation Lighthouse, Balbir Pasha, Lowe, HIV, AIDS, Albert Bandura, TNS Mode, Teaser Campaign and Social Learning Theory


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The caselet, Balbir Pasha: The Baadshah of Aids Campaigns in India, speaks about a public message campaign undertaken by PSI, an NGO, with the objective of giving information about high-risk behaviors to groups that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. The campaign which differentiated itself in the way in which it connected with the target population, was rated successful by post-campaign research studies.


» The need to convey socially relevant messages in a way that the target population can identify themselves with it
» How the effectiveness of a campaign increases when the campaign messages are conveyed through multiple channels
» The role of building up intrigue as part of a campaign, in order to make the target population receptive to the campaign message


PSI, a Washington DC - based non-profit organization, worked around the globe in the area of health care for the low-income population.

In 2002, PSI as part of its Indian operations, started ‘Operation Lighthouse’, a program aimed at bringing about behavioral change in target group members in order to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS contraction...

Questions for Discussion:

1. "The (Balbir Pasha) campaign was assimilated as part of local culture." What attracted the target group to the personality of Balbir Pasha?

2. "Post-campaign research revealed that the campaign had made an impact on the target group and changed their attitudes toward risky behavior." How did PSI try to bring about a behavioral change in the target audience?