eHarmony - Assisting individuals in finding "soul-mates"*



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Publication date : 2005
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Key words:

eHarmony, Soul mates, Marriage and dating, Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology, US Center for Disease Control, Divorce rates, Advanta, comScore Media Metrix and Dr Neil Clark Warren


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The caselet, eHarmony: Assisting individuals in finding "soul-mates", examines the cultural influences of Dr Neil Clark Warren on eHarmony, a match-making website that he founded. Warren's Christian background influenced him to come up with a website that focused on assisting individuals in long term relationships like marriage rather than coming up with quick-fix services like speed dating. The caselet also assesses the reasons that made eHarmony more successful than other dating sites.


Influence of culture in business enterprises
How product differentiation helps in attracting consumers
Effectiveness of word-of-mouth campaigns over other methods of promotion

eHarmony was one of the few dotcoms which proved to be transformational in the way it influenced people. eHarmony, which became a household name in the US, positioned itself as a site assisting individuals looking forward to marriage, when other sites were providing quick-fix services like speed dating. In 2005, eHarmony was ranked as the fastest-growing Net-based relationship service provider

eHarmony was founded in 2000 by California-based marriage counselor Dr. Neil Clark Warren (Warren), who had also written a number of books related to marriage and dating...

Questions for Discussion:
1. Dr Neil Clark Warren has been influenced by the cultural values of Christianity. Assess the extent of impact of culture on the work done by Warren.

2. "eHarmony differentiated itself from other dating sites by its focus on marriage rather than 'quick-hit dating orientation' that many of the sites of similar genre undertook during early 2000s." How did Warren use the cultural traits that influenced eHarmony as a way to attract customers?