The GE Way of Ecomagination*



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Publication date : 2005
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Key words:

General Electric (GE), Jeff Immelt, Kyoto treaty, Ecomagination, Natural Innovation, Financial Times, Internal marketing, Sustainable development, Greenhouse gas emissions and Reputation tracker


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GE took an environment friendly initiative, Ecomagination, to make its businesses sustainable. GE realized that the initiative would bring in long-term dividends and help the company generate revenues from new businesses. GE undertook a number of campaigns to promote this initiative among its employees and consumers.


» How the support of the top management adds credibility to a marketing campaign promoting pro-sustainable messages
» Stakeholder perceptions while receiving information related to environment friendly measures undertaken by a company
» The difficulties in communicating the environment friendly activities undertaken by a company to a skeptic audience

In May 2005, Jeff Immelt (Immelt), chairman and CEO, General Electric (GE), announced the commencement of "ecomagination", the new pro-environment business initiative from GE.

"GE has always been a growth company and has thrived for 127 years thanks to a strong focus on good growth prospects. Ecomagination is an extension of that," said Peter O’Toole (Toole), director, Public Relations, GE...

Questions for Discussion:

1. "Though there were a number of critics who were skeptical about the ecomagination initiative, terming it as another 'phony-baloney corporate skullduggery', there were a number of people who were willing to give GE a chance to prove that its initiative was genuine." How did GE ensure that ecomagination conveyed to the public its seriousness about taking Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

2. "With the business world increasingly becoming aware that the conventional growth patterns are unsustainable, many companies have been coming up with sustainable models of operating business." Assess whether the ecomagination initiative from GE will be sustainable over the long-term.