Alpenliebe & the Indian Sugar Confectionery Market*



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Publication date : 2008
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Alpenliebe was the single largest brand in the Indian sugar confectionery market. Analysts felt that Perfetti Van Melle (India) Ltd., a subsidiary of the Italian confectionery major, had done exceedingly well to build the brand in the low value, low margin, and fragmented market with exceptional branding. In 2007, the company tried to take the brand to the next level by roping in leading Hindi film actor Kajol as its brand ambassador.


 » Involvement
 » Purchase behavior
 » Consumer behavior and product strategy and promotion strategy
 » Marketing communication


Alpenliebe, a hard-boiled sugar candy, was one of the first brands to be launched after Perfetti Van Melle (India) Ltd. (PVMI) launched its operations in India in 1994.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the world's third largest confectionery major Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A, PVMI also had other big brands such as Center Fresh, Center Shock, Big Babol, Chlormint, Mentos, Fruitella, Cofitos, Protex Happydent, Happydent White, Marbles, Chocoliebe, Chatar Patar, etc., in its brand portfolio. As of early 2008, Alpenliebe was the single largest selling sugar confectionery brand in India and made up a major portion of PVMI's revenue, estimated to be Rs.7 billion in 2007...

Questions for Discussion:

1. What are the challenges in marketing a low-involvement product such as hard-boiled candy that are often purchased on impulse?

2. Critically analyze Perfetti Van Melle's marketing strategy for Alpenliebe in India.

3. Analyze its marketing communication campaigns for Alpenliebe and Alpenliebe lollipops.

4. What future strategies should Perfetti Van Melle adopt to establish its leadership position in the Indian sugar confectionery market?

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