Shock Demand at Turkish Shoemaker Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic.*



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Publication date : 2009
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Demand, advertising, Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic, Baydan, George W. Bush, Bush, Middle East, Iraq, Turkey, Mercedes


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In December 2008, a Turkish shoemaker, Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic (BAS&T), was hit with shock demand for one of its shoe models, which the shoemaker claimed was the same as the one thrown at US president George W. Bush by an Iraqi reporter. Orders for the shoe model were pouring in not only from countries in the Middle East, but also from countries such as the UK and the US. While there was no way of ascertaining whether the shoes used in the attack were indeed made by BAS&T, with shoemakers from countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and China making conflicting claims, the Turkish shoe maker was gearing up to promote the shoe model more aggressively.


  Consumer demand
  Demand shock
  Influencing consumer behavior


On December 14, 2008, an Iraqi television reporter Muntader al-Zaidi (Zaidi) threw a pair of shoes at outgoing US President George W Bush (Bush) on his farewell visit to Iraq, protesting the deaths of thousands of Iraqis who died after the US-led invasion...

Questions for Discussion:

1. What, according to you, can explain the sudden demand for shoes at Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic.?
2. Cans such demand be sustained? What should the company do to sustain the demand? Give reasons for your answer?

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