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Global Business Environment Textbook | Workbook

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Influence of the Internet on Business : Chapter 12

SUMMARY: The Internet is a network of networks i.e. computer systems all over the world linked together so that data can be passed between them. Different tools such as Email, Listserv, Usenet, Gopher, FTP, Telnet, the Internet relay chart, and World Wide Web are employed when using the Internet. Most companies have been trying to take maximum advantage of the Internet. Since the Internet environment is quite new, they have to experiment. This experimentation may not be economically sustainable over a long period. Interpreting market behavior is also difficult and has to be undertaken with caution. Companies can offer different types of services over the internet. In some cases, they are simply substituting the services offered by a salesperson. They can also use Internet technologies to build customer loyalty. Internet technologies also enable companies to deliver their services inexpensively, and to provide information concerning their products/ services through features such as FAQs.

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