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Global Business Environment Textbook | Workbook

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Social and Cultural Environment in Developed Countries : Chapter 10

SUMMARY: The USA is one of the highly developed countries in the world. Its society and culture have played an important role in this development. Some of the salient features of the social and cultural environment in the USA are its rich ethnic diversity which is a result of continuous immigration, its aging population, its workforce diversity, its high life expectancy and low infant mortality rates. Japanese society and culture have evolved from the days of the feudal lords. However, some traces of feudal society can still be seen in Japanese business practices. Japan has the lowest birth rate in the world. But this may lead to problems in the future as there could be labor shortages. The German society shows all the traits of a highly industrialized country. It has low marriage rates, delayed marriage and child-bearing, low fertility rates, small household size, high divorce rates, and extended life expectancy. Germans are known for their punctuality.

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