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Teaching Cases: Vision, Realisation & Impact
On 8th November 2019, Mr. Richard McCracken - Director, The Case Centre, UK, delivered the 8th N J Yasaswy Memorial Lecture at the IFHE campus in Hyderabad, India on Teaching Cases: Vision, Realisation and Impact. Mr. Richard has been the Director of The Case Centre since 2008 and oversees The Case Centre's global operations from its UK office. Richard regularly represents the case community at conferences, workshops and competitions as both a speaker and moderator. He is Managing Editor of Case Focus, a peer reviewed journal of business and management teaching cases for the Middle East and Africa.
N J Yasaswy (1950- 2011)

"Yasaswy is credited with creating an environment for case research to thrive at the institute"

The global recognition and standing of ICFAI Case Research Centre is a befitting tribute to N J Yasaswy, the visionary who saw case method as a differentiated intellectual property and went on to build this outstanding centre of excellence from the family of ICFAI," said Richard McCracken, Director, The Case Centre, UK. He was in Hyderabad to deliver the eighth N J Yasaswy Memorial Lecture on “Teaching cases: Vision, realisation and impact” at ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE), Deemed-to-be University. The university’s Chancellor and former Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Dr C Rangarajan was present.

McCracken compared teaching cases to storytelling which has a profound impact on the audience and helps the reader to understand better. Richard said N J Yasaswy had sown the seeds of a world-class Case Research Centre at ICFAI Business School (IBS) back in 1999. He created an environment for case research to thrive and the subsequent directors at IBS Case Research Centre played a key role in the realisation of the vision. Richard said data shows that IBS cases are extremely popular across the world and are of high quality. He lauded the contribution of IBS Case Research Centre and praised Dr Debapratim Purkayastha’s (Dean of IBS Case Research Centre) graphic novel format cases which are in an engaging and easily digestible format.

Joint responsibility

Richard added the impact of teaching cases is huge as cases touch students more than any other pedagogical tool and also creates a brand value for the institute. He said it is the joint responsibility of the faculty, students and staff to continue the journey of storytelling through case writing and teaching.

Dr C Rangarajan said the memorial lecture is an occasion to remember N J Yasaswy and his contribution to higher education in India. It is N J Yasaswy’s vision that led to the creation of string of institutions imparting quality education in India. Dr Rangarajan said case method of teaching and accumulation of knowledge (through theory) in various disciplines should go hand in hand. He suggested a balance between accumulated knowledge and cases. “Though the case method as a pedagogical tool has arrived, there’s a need to have a SWOT analysis on the case method”, said Dr Rangarajan.

McCracken gave away the Case Centre’s 2019 awards in three categories: ‘Outstanding Compact Case’, ‘HR/OB’ and ‘Knowledge, Information and Communication Management’ to Dr Purkayastha.

Source:BusinessLineonCampus, Nov 11, 2019



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