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Vol 2, Issue 02, May 2020
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Our Best Selling Cases
We looked at the cases that sold the most in Q4 FY20 and we provide below the Top 5 cases in each category
Human Resource Mgmt.
HROB165 Employee Training & Development at Ritz-Carlton: Fostering an Exceptional Customer Service Culture
HROB041 Google’s Organizational Culture
HROB095 ‘Employees First, Customers Second’: Wegmans’ Work Culture
HROB178 Holacracy at Zappos
HROB189 Holacracy at Zappos (B): From Experiment to Exodus
MKTG008 The Nirma Story
MKTG297 Digital Marketing at Nike: From Communication to Dialogue
MKS0113 Unilever's Digital Media Strategy
MKTG032 Himalaya Drug Company - Branding Ayurveda
Apollo Hospitals: Leading the Way to Healthcare Tourism
LDEN089 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc
LDEN131 M-KOPA Solar: "Solar-preneur" with a Unique Business Model
LDEN042 HP’s Strategy and Operations under Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd
LDEN133 Jaipur Rugs – Empowering Communities at the Bottom of the Pyramid through Social Innovation
LDEN052 CEO as Change Agent
ITSY075 Netflix: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Entertainment Hits
ITSY091 Big Data Strategy of Procter & Gamble: Turning Big Data into Big Value
ITSY081 Disney’s Magicband System: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Customer Experience
ITSY089 Airbnb – A Disruptive Innovator
Business Strategy
BSTR149 Li & Fung: The Global Value Chain Configurator
BSTR472 TESCO’s Digital Transformation
GGL0052K Vodafone – Rethinking Global Strategy
BSTR362 Toyota: The Once-in-a-Century Challenge
BSTR412 After the Breakup: The Troubled Alliance between Volkswagen and Suzuki
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
BECG050 The Tata Group: Integrating Social Responsibility with Corporate Strategy
BENV037 Tesco Exits Turkey
CLBE026 Apple’s Battle with the FBI Privacy vs National Security
BECG127 Ethical Issues at Berkshire Hathaway: Controversy Following the Lubrizol Acquisition Deal
GOV0028B Are Published Financial Statements Really Reliable?
Operations Mgmt.
OPER109 Amazon.com: Developing Same-Day Delivery Capabilities
OPER122 Zara: Future Ready?
OPER098 Harley-Davidson's Just-in-time (JIT) Journey
BRM0009 Exploring Primary and Secondary Data: Lessons to Learn
BRM0016 SSS’s Experiment: Choosing an Appropriate Research Design
FINC120 Financing Drummond in Colombia: Is HSBC Risking Sustainability Goals?
FINC076 Acquisition of Cadbury by Kraft: How Sweet is this Deal?
FINC114 Dividend Decision at Rolls-Royce (Part B)
FINC051 The Collapse of Lehman Brothers
FAC0046IRC Financial Reporting in the Emerging Capital Markets of India and Pakistan: The Need for Harmonization
ECC0049IRC Meltdown in Iceland: Biggest Casualty of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
ECON057 Foreign Direct Investment in China: Issues and Challenges
ECON045 Behavioral Economics and Starbucks’ Cup Problem
ECON059 BREXIT: The Debate, the Decision, and the Aftermath
GBE0015 Mad Cow Disease and USDA's Response

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