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Vol 2, Issue 04, Nov 2020
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Our Bestselling Cases
We looked at the cases that sold the most in Q2 FY21 and we provide below the Top 5 cases in each category
Human Resource Mgmt.
HROB206 Microsoft: Building a Collaborative Work Culture to Foster Innovation
HRM0047P Internal Branding and HRM at Virgin
CLHR057 Employee Recognition: A Key Motivation Factor for Millennial Employees
HROB095 'Employees First, Customers Second': Wegman's Work Culture
HROB121 Employer Branding at McDonald’s: Redefining McJobs
MM0024 IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies
MKTG363 'Game of Thrones' TV Series: HBO's Integrated Marketing Strategy
MKTG297 Digital Marketing at Nike: From Communication to Dialogue
MKTG032 The Rise of Green Consumerism: Is It a Fad or Is It 'Sustainable'?
Drug Advertising in the US: Issues and Implications
LDEN089 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc
LDEN047 James McNerney and 3M: Making a Good Company Better?
LDS0025B Virgin Group: Richard Branson's Business with Flamboyance?
LDEN099 Inclusive Leadership: The Mary Barra Way
LDS0007 Carlos Ghosn as CEO of Nissan and Renault: Can He Rework the 'Nissan Magic'?
ITSY075 Netflix: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Entertainment Hits
ITSY091 Big Data Strategy of Procter & Gamble: Turning Big Data into Big Value
ITSY059 ERP Implementation Failure at Hershey Foods Corporation
ITSY035 Marriott's Customer-focused e-Business Strategy
ITSY010 CRM/KM Initiatives at 3M
Business Strategy
BSTR601 Domino's Pizza: Business Continuity Strategy During the Covid-19 Pandemic
COS0012 Emirates: The Ambitions and Challenges
BSTR475 Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative: Fuelling Africa’s Growth Through Technology
GGL0054 Cemex's Cost of 'Globalised' Growth: The Cash Crunch?
BBP0014 Burger King: Revitalizing the Brand
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
SUST024 IFC Funding of Dinant Project: Call for Overhaul of Risk Assessment for Sustainable Finance
BECG147 Seventh Generation - Going Beyond 'Green'?
BECG148 'Enrich Not Exploit': Can New CSR Strategy Help Body Shop Regain Glory?
BECG128 IKEA in Russia: Ethical Dilemmas
GOV0028B Are Published Financial Statements Really Reliable?
Operations Mgmt.
OPER098 Harley-Davidson's Just-in-time (JIT) Journey
OPER095 Toyota Motor Company: Losing Its Quality Edge?
OPER079 Fostering Innovation: Wipro Technologies' Innovation Framework
OM0023 Novel Foods' Change in Operations Strategy: Competitiveness at Stake
PROM011 Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk
FINC119 Dividend Policy at Whirlpool
FINC055 The 'Bernard Madoff' Financial Scam
FINC104 Risk Management and Performance Analysis of HSBC Group
FAC0046IRC Financial Reporting in the Emerging Capital Markets of India and Pakistan: The Need for Harmonization
FINC138 Accounting Scandal at Tesco
GBE0009 Eli Lilly's Cialis: A Rising Star
ME0022 Executive Pay Package: A Study of Demand and Supply
MAC0018 Ageing Population in Europe: The Economic Challenges
BENV036 ChemChina-Syngenta Deal: China's Quest to Enhance Global Food Security
ECC0049IRC Meltdown in Iceland: Biggest Casualty of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

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