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Vol 2, Issue 04, Nov 2020
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Human Resource Mgmt.
The case describes how faulty ignition switches in some car models of General Motors (GM) led to one of the biggest recalls in the history of the US automobile industry. GM undertook a number of measures to bring about a change in its safety culture. GM created a Senior Position on Vehicle Safety, initiated a ‘Speak Up’ Program to identify safety issues in real time operations, moved from a Silos to Systems Approach, and focussed on new-employee orientation and annual training on improving safety. The case finally looks at how GM’s intensified focus on its workplace safety through various safety measures helped it to reduce recordable injury rates by 33 percent, and total incident rates by 30 percent in 2019 from 2016.

Safety Culture at General Motors Post the Ignition Switch Recall Crisis
This case is about the competency mapping process at EcelonRitter Design & Engineering Consultancy (EDEC), a business vertical of one of the world’s leading steel manufacturing corporations. Shreya, a management intern at the company, had been given the task of setting up a competency mapping process for a newly created vertical of the company. She was also asked to identify if there was any competency gap and to suggest ways by which the gap could be filled. The case discusses the requirement of employees in the company, the dilemma over whether to recruit people for the new vertical from external sources or from among existing employees, how competency mapping can be used to solve the problem, and the consequence of not solving the problem.

Competency Mapping Process at Ecelonritter Design & Engineering Consultancy
Organizations use employee talent analytics to analyze the employee data and gain competitive advantage. All organizations collect employee data for various legal needs and for their own requirements. This case is about Shyam, the People Analytics lead at a small pharmaceutical company called Mesotime. Shyam wanted to make his HR leadership team understand and appreciate the use of HR analytics in employee engagement and the main trends in the workforce. He wanted the leadership team to take remedial steps after a doing a SWOT analysis.

Talent Analysis at Mesotime
The case describes the various training programs conducted by Cadila Pharma for its fresh recruits, middle and senior managers, and the sales force. Cadila Pharma conducted training programs for middle to senior level managers on a regular basis through Learn2Lead, a leadership development program. It introduced a sales force training program, an extension of the Cadila Young Leadership Program (CYLP) initiated in 2016, aimed at providing tools and techniques for ‘on the ground’ requirements such as presentation and communication skills. The case then looks at how the company began to adapt its L&D efforts to align with its digital initiatives beginning with the use of Whatsapp to conduct L&D programs for its sales force.

Cadila Pharma Leverages Digital Platforms for its L&D Programs
The case looks at the selection process and design of the internship programs offered by Flipkart for graduate and undergraduate students in India. The case describes the summer internship program offered to students pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s in computer science or business management who interned for two months in the software development, operations management, and product management roles. The case then talks about Launchpad, an internship program offered by ekart, the supply chain arm of Flipkart, since 2019 for undergraduate students.

Launchpad: The Internship Program at Flipkart
The case describes the State Bank of India’s (SBI) initiative to ensure a work-life balance for its more than 200,000 employees. SBI realized that a large number of its employees were working overtime or on holidays to meet their targets and this had led to low motivation and morale among most of them. The result was that many of these employees performed their jobs mechanically. The case describes the Nayi Disha initiative, a phase-wise ongoing employee engagement program to drive home the significance of being agile, inculcating the bank's values through employee engagement, and enhancing customer centricity. The program was designed as an ongoing intervention in phases covering all employees.

SBI’s Nayi Disha – An Initiative to Ensure Work-Life Balance

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