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Case Code : MKTG074
Case Length : 14 Pages
Period : 2003
Pub Date : 2003
Teaching Note : Available
Organization : Baskin Robbins
Industry : FMCG
Countries : USA

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"We have totally re-looked at how we approach marketing over the past three or four years (late 1990s), and we thought partnering with some top current and new TV shows would be exciting."

- Joe Adney, senior director of marketing at Baskin-Robbins1

"Our mission is simple and clear. We exist to thrill customers, define and lead multi-branding, enrich stakeholders and build powerful brands."

- Jack Shafer, CEO of ADQSR, parent of Baskin Robbins2

America's Favorite Sweets Chain

In the summer of 2003, DreamWorks Pictures Ltd.3 released their animated children's movie; Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas. To promote the release in an innovative way, the studio tied up with Baskin-Robbins, a well known ice cream chain in the US. As part of the promotion campaign, Baskin-Robbins developed a range of ice creams and novelties based on the theme of the movie.

Ice cream flavors like Sinbad's Triple Punch Sherbet, Deep Blue Menace Sundae, and a Sinbad themed freeze frame cake were brought out by the company. The flavors effectively captured the ethos of the movie and generated immense publicity for both partners. (Refer Exhibit-I)

Marketing Management Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Marketing Management, Case Studies

The summer of 2003 was the third summer in which Baskin-Robbins had taken up the promotion of a Hollywood movie. "We've translated Sinbad's courageous spirit into a bold new line-up of flavors and desserts," said Joe Adney, (Adney) senior director of marketing at Baskin-Robbins.4

Analysts felt that Baskin-Robbins had hit upon a novel way of partnering for mutual benefit as the hype generated by the movie release brought publicity for Baskin-Robbins and Baskin-Robbins, in turn, helped publicize the movie.

Approximately 2400 Baskin-Robbins' stores participated in the promotion, which was supplemented by extensive television publicity, themed décor in the stores and other local events. Baskin-Robbins was well known for being an innovator in the ice cream industry.

Ice cream was manufactured and sold in the US since the early 20th century and was popular as a dessert or an in-between meals snack.

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1] Carrie MacMillan, "Sweet Tooth", Promo, May 1, 2003.

2] "Franchising with a Leader - America's Most Loved Brands",

3] DreamWorks SKG was formed in October 1994, by its three principal partners-Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen-to produce live-action motion pictures, animated feature films, network and cable television programming, home video entertainment, records, books, toys, and consumer products.


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