The loveLife Brand (A): Initiating a Behavior Change in South African Youth to Prevent HIV

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Case Code : MKTG157
Case Length : 27 Pages
Period : 1999 - 2003
Organization : Not Applicable
Pub Date : 2006
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Countries : South Africa
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The Criticism

The loveLife campaign had also generated a lot of criticism and controversy. Many experts dismissed loveLife's advertising campaign as ineffective. They opined that the campaign was a waste of money that could have been better utilized to provide medication to those afflicted by the virus. loveLife spent approximately R13 million per year on billboards alone, while other AIDS NGOs hardly got R200,000 as their annual budget.

Critics also felt that loveLife's ads were unintelligible. They felt that the use of expensive glossy brochures and inserts in newspapers such as Sunday Times, hardly served any purpose as South Africa was a country that had acute poverty and high illiteracy rates...

Marketing Management Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Marketing Management, Case Studies

Lovelife's Response

loveLife defended its mass-media campaign by saying that such messages were required in order to achieve its objective. "The evidence is overwhelming that sexual health education that focuses only on the risks, or advocating abstinence as the only option are entirely counter-productive... It is natural that teenagers will experiment with sex, the challenge is to ensure they understand their choices and the risks in the context of broader lifestyle opportunities," said Harrison...


Experts felt that loveLife achieved significant brand recognition throughout South Africa. They believed that the campaigns were attention grabbing, but that there was also a need for simple and clear messages for the target audience. loveLife, on its part, felt that it had created a foundation from which it could bring about a change in sexual behavior of South African youth. However, some experts said that for this to happen, the program had to be sustained over a long period of time...


Exhibit I: loveLife Logo
Exhibit II: loveLife's Billboard Ads in 2001
Exhibit III: loveLife's Outdoor Ads in 2002
Exhibit IV: Some of loveLife's Messages in the Outdoor Media: 2003
Exhibit V: Messages Displayed on Taxis in 2002
Exhibit VI: loveLife's Youth Magazines
Exhibit VII: Screenshot of the loveLife Website
Exhibit VIII: Some Outreach Initiatives of loveLife
Exhibit IX: loveLife's Model for Behavior Change
Exhibit X: Key Findings of a National Survey of South African Teenagers

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