Vol 4, Issue 02, May 2022 Icmrindia.org

The case discusses the way the second-largest broad line food distributor in the US, US Foods, Inc. sought to differentiate itself by providing customers with innovative food offerings and a broad suite of e-commerce, technology, and business solutions. The case provides a brief history of the 150-year-old company and an overview of its business operations. It deliberates on how USF’s customer-centricity enabled it to come up with novel food offerings that helped its customers stay ahead of the competition.
USF was the leader when it came to providing technology to foodservice distributors. The case takes an in-depth look into how the company’s technology offerings reduced the operating headaches of its customers and improved their bottom lines. The case also delves into the details of how USF launched certain innovative technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic that enabled it to make a business recovery, apart from leveraging emerging opportunities in the US food distribution industry. Despite being at the forefront of tech offerings in the B2B food distribution space, USF faced tough competition. Can the company become the market leader one day on the back of its tech offerings?