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Nestlé’s Expansion into Rural India
In 2021, FMCG Company Nestlé India Limited declared that it would spread its reach to 120,000 villages by 2024 by sprucing up its rural distribution channels. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestlé India Limited, said, “Rural is an important dimension of the next phase of Nestlé”.
US Foods Building B2B Food Service Customers: A Bridge to the Digital World
The case discusses the way the second-largest broad line food distributor in the US, US Foods, Inc. sought to differentiate itself by providing customers with innovative food offerings and a broad suite of e-commerce, technology, and business solutions.
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Raymond Paquin
Raymond Paquin is a Professor of Management and Director of Case Publications at John Molson School of Business-Concordia University, and Adjunct Professor at Indian Institute of Management-Shillong. An award-winning case writer, his approach is to bring research-minded students and faculty new to case writing together to develop cases which highlight interesting Canadian companies.

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