Vol 4, Issue 03, DEC 2022 Icmrindia.org
Human Resource Management
Urban Company: Can it Balance Customer and Partner Benefits with Profitability?
USAA’s Century Old Culture of Customer-Focused Innovation
Can Facebook Manage the Mental Health and Wellbeing Challenges of its Content Moderators?
Can Google’s Overhauled Employee Performance Review System Reduce Employee Turnover?
Judith Williams’ Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives at SAP: Attempting to Change the World?
The Yemen Crisis: Will the Conflict ever End?
Sheryl Sandberg: An IT Industry Icon Supporting Women’s Self-empowerment
Glowork: A Recruitment Platform Empowering Women Employment in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft’s Corporate Volunteering Program MySkills4Afrika: Fostering Engagement between Employees, Partners and Customers
Dyson Appliances Terminates Contract with ATA over Forced Labor Conditions: Who Is Accountable to the Contract Workers?