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The present case study can be helpful in understanding the concept of revenue recognition and the application of Accounting Standard - 9 (Revenue Recognition) and to discuss how to recognize revenues based on the nature of buyers' transactions and the nature of products offered.

Revenue Recognition - The Challenge of Subjectivity in Delivery Conditions
This case study can be used to discuss the pros and cons of recording business transactions at historical cost, and also to discuss the principle of conservatism and how it facilitates the decision making process in business operations.

Historical Cost Approach and Conservatism Principle - Effect on Decision Making
The present case study can be used to discuss the process of valuing inventory based on the principles mentioned in Accounting Standard-2 (Inventory Valuation) and also to discuss the accounting treatment of exceptional items in valuing the inventory as per Accounting Standard-2.

Inventory Valuation – Cost Inclusions and Exclusions
The case study can help in discussing the necessity of calculating the net realizable value of the stock during the end of the financial year, and also for discussing how to calculate the value of various classes of inventory and the factors that need to be considered for the valuation of raw materials as per principles in the Accounting Standard-2 (Inventory Valuation)

Net Realizable Value - The Ins and Outs in Inventory Valuation
The case can be used to discuss the principles and guidelines specified in Accounting Standard-10 (Accounting for Fixed Assets). The case study also provides the scope to discuss the nature and the treatment of operational expenditure.

Fixed Assets Accounting - Identification and Classification of Expenses as Fixed Assets
The present case study can be helpful in understanding: the concept of cash flows, purpose of cash flow analysis, the purpose of preparing a cash flow statement for analyzing cash flows from different activities.

Cash Flow Classification and Analysis for Decision Making

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