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IT & Operations
The case primarily discusses the process of text mining undertaken on the Twitter data of leading global wearable brand, US-based Fitbit, Inc. (Fitbit) to derive insights related to brand perception and customer service. As of 2020, leading US-based multinational technology company Google LLC (Google) had acquired Fitbit in a bid to gain an incredible amount of user data, which it intended to leverage for healthcare analytics post acquisition. It remains to be seen whether Google would continue to conduct text mining on Fitbit-related social data to gain valuable business insights.

Text Mining of Fitbit’s Twitter Data – Gaining Business Insights
The case talks about the security and privacy issues faced by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) and the company’s response. The case covers in detail the various security and privacy lapses at Zoom and the measures taken by the company to strengthen security and privacy features to ensure that such issues did not happen in the future.

Security and Privacy Issues with Zoom
The case discusses the efforts made by leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. (Amazon), to adopt green computing practices in its operations. The case then provides an overview of the green computing practices undertaken by AWS through power purchase agreements with producers of renewable energy and usage of equipment to boost energy efficiency at its data centers. Though different Information Technology (IT) companies have taken up many activities to reduce their carbon footprint, it is believed that each one of them, including AWS, has a long way to go to become completely green.

Amazon Web Services’ Efforts toward Green Computing

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