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Case Studies Collection

  1. The Takeover of Raasi Cements by India Cements
  2. The Story of the Cellular Phone Brand Orange
  3. Kinetic Honda: The Break-Up
  4. The Failure of Zee's Sawaal Dus Crore Ka
  5. Crossroads: Retailing Lessons
  6. The LML - Piaggio Break-Up
  7. Balaji Telefilms: A Success Story
  8. The Escorts - Yamaha Motors Break-Up
  9. Daimler-Chrysler Merger: A Cultural Mismatch?
  10. Rediff: Will it Survive the Dotcom Bust?
  11. Onjus: Squeezed Out
  12. Doordarshan's Problems
  13. Dr. Reddy's New Corporate Identity
  14. Rethinking Domino's Expansion Plans
  15. The Hotel Corporation of India Story
  16. Hindustan Times vs The Times of India
  17. The Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Story
  18. Modern Foods: Disinvestment and After
  19. Air India: The Virgin Airways Saga
  20. Fiat's Indian Journey
  21. Hindustan Motors' Struggle for Survival
  22. The Jet Airways Story
  23. Leaving India: The Peugeot Story
  24. DS Group's Entry into Food and Beverages Sector
  25. Yahoo! in Trouble
  26. Flooding the Indian Motorcycle Market
  27. The HP-Compaq Merger
  28. The TVS-Suzuki Break-Up
  29. The Maruti - Suzuki Conflict
  30. Electric Car Reva
  31. Reviving Iridium
  32. The Resurgence of Radio in India
  33. The NIIT Story
  34. The Fall of Daewoo Motors
  35. Cartoon Network: The Indian Experience
  36. Archies: The Way Indians Greet
  37. The Kodak - Fuji Rivalry
  38. The MTV - Channel [V] Rivalry in India
  39. Advanced Micro Devices: Life beyond Intel
  40. ITC's Diversification Strategy
  41. Branded Gold Jewellery in India
  42. Linux Gaining Ground
  43. Westside: The Indian Retailing Success Story
  44. McDonald's: No Longer the Great American Meal
  45. JetBlue Airlines' Success Story
  46. Airbus: From Challenger to Leader
  47. AOL Time Warner: A Merger Gone Wrong
  48. Avis: Still Trying Harder!
  49. DoCoMo: The Japanese Wireless Telecom Leader
  50. Fiat Auto: The Italian Giant in Trouble
  51. FoodWorld: Pioneering Organized Food Retailing in India
  52. Jollibee: Fast-Food, the Filipino Way
  53. Timex in India
  54. Vivendi Universal: In a Strategic Flux
  55. Reviving Khadi in India
  56. Kmart: Fall of a Retailing Giant
  57. EasyJet: The 'Easy' Way to Succeed
  58. Starbucks' International Operations
  59. RyanAir: The ' Southwest' of European Airlines
  60. BMW's Innovation Strategies
  61. Bertlesmann: Before, during and after Middelhoff
  62. Pepsi's Entry into India: A Lesson in Globalization
  63. Restructuring Sony
  64. Reviving Yahoo! - Strategies that Turned Around the Leading Internet Portal
  65. BMW Going on the Offensive
  66. Dell Spells Success in China
  67. Gateway: Implementing Innovative Strategies in the IT Industry
  68. Restructuring P&G
  69. Air Canada: From One Crisis to Another
  70. Apple iTunes: Changing the Face of Online Music Retailing Industry
  71. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.: Ruling the Indian Telecommunication Market
  72. Haier Group's Strategy in the US Market
  73. Nissan's Turnaround Story
  74. Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.: Lessons from a Japanese Pharma Major
  75. Saudi British Bank: HSBC's Saudi Arabian Experience
  76. Reorganizing AT&T: From Vertically Integrated to Customer-Centric Organization (A)
  77. Reorganizing AT&T: From Vertically Integrated to Customer-Centric Organization (B)
  78. Organizational Restructuring at AXA: Adopting (and Dropping) a New Business Model
  79. Canon in India: Restructuring to Survive
  80. Motorola in China
  81. Wal-Mart's German Misadventure
  82. Cisco's Acquisition Strategy
  83. The Concorde Saga
  84. GE & Honeywell: A Failed Merger
  85. Germany's Henkel in the Indian FMCG Industry
  86. Organizational Transformation at Hughes Electronics Corporation
  87. National Dairy Development Board: A Successful Indian Dairy Co-operative Movement
  88. Omnicom: The World's Largest Advertising Conglomerate
  89. WebVan: A Disaster on the Web
  90. Reengineering & Restructuring at Canon
  91. Freeserve: The Pioneer in Free ISPs in Europe
  92. Innovations at Harley Davidson
  93. Toyota's Globalization Strategies
  94. Restructuring Unilever: The 'Path To Growth' Strategy
  95. Wal-Mart's Cost Leadership Strategy
  96. AAJ TAK's News Channel's Success Story
  97. Boeing under Phil Condit
  98. Dangdang.com: The Amazon.com of China
  99. Dr. V of Aravind Eye Hospital: A 'Level 5' Leader
  100. Revival of Matsushita
  101. Rupert Murdoch: The Media Mogul
  102. Sandy Weill and Citigroup
  103. The Turnaround of Indian Bank
  104. Restructuring at Sears Roebuck & Co. (1992-03)
  105. ISB: A Leading Business School in India
  106. IBM's Turnaround and its New Business Model
  107. Genting Berhad: The Story of a Malaysian Conglomerate
  108. Charoen Pokphand: Thailand's Largest Agribusiness Conglomerate
  109. Life Insurance Corporation of India: Future Prospects
  110. General Insurance Corporation of India
  111. Sun Life Financial Services
  112. Zurich Financial Services
  113. Prudential Financial Inc.
  114. American International Group Inc.
  115. The Aventis-Sanofi Merger: Role of French Government?
  116. The Exxon - Mobil Merger Controversy
  117. Pepsico's 'Focus' Strategy
  118. Sony-Columbia Pictures: Lessons from a Cross Border Acquisition
  119. Small Industry Extension Training Institute
  120. Xerox Corp's Turnaround Strategy
  121. SABMiller vs. Anheuser-Busch: The Takeover Battle for Harbin Brewery
  122. Telstra Corporation: Reorganizing Strategic Business Units
  123. The Air France - KLM Merger Story
  124. Tata Consultancy Services Limited: The Pioneer in the Indian IT Industry
  125. Reviving Alitalia: Italy's Loss Making Airline
  126. Ericsson in China
  127. Ericsson in the New Millennium
  128. Gillette's Restructuring in India
  129. ONGC's Growth Strategy
  130. Unilever's Strategies in China
  131. State Bank of India: Competitive Strategies of a Market Leader
  132. The Acquisition Bid for UFJ Holdings
  133. Air Deccan: The First Low Cost Airline in India
  134. Problems at Delta Airlines
  135. IBM: From Inventor to Innovator
  136. The Interbrew - Ambec Merger Story
  137. DHL's Business Strategy in China
  138. A Note on the US Airline Industry
  139. Coca-Cola's Re-entry and Growth Strategies in China
  140. Home Depot's Strategy under Bob Nardelli
  141. The McDonald's Turnaround Story
  142. The Restructuring of ABB India
  143. British Steel - Dutch Royal Hoogovens Merger: An Anglo-Dutch Marriage not Working Out?
  144. Benetton's Diversifications
  145. Kodak in China
  146. The Mittal Steel-ISG Merger - Creating a Steel Behemoth (Part-A)
  147. HSBC's Restructuring in India
  148. Li & Fung: The Global Value Chain Configurator
  149. Xerox PARC: Innovation without Profit?
  150. Oracle's Acquisition of Peoplesoft
  151. Governance Problems at Royal Dutch/Shell
  152. Lenovo's Globalization Strategies
  153. AirAsia: Southeast Asia's Most Successful Low-cost Airline
  154. Tata Motors' Acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicles
  155. The Procter and Gamble (P&G)-Gillette Merger
  156. Turnaround of JCPenney
  157. Rehabilitating Daiei: A Japanese Retailer in Trouble
  158. Consolidation in the Indian Cement Industry
  159. The Indian Textile Industry in 2005
  160. Target Stores' Differentiation Strategies
  161. Modularization in the Chinese Motorcycles Industry
  162. The Fall of MG Rover
  163. Nokia and the Global Mobile Phone Industry
  164. Holcim's Acquisitions in 2005
  165. The Indian Pharma Industry under the Product Patent Regime
  166. Restructuring Philips
  167. Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation's Strategies for Global Expansion
  168. Jet Airways'Strategy, Operations and Competitive Position
  169. IKEA's Globalization Strategies and its Foray in China
  170. Nokia's Strategy in India
  171. Sabre Holdings: The Quest for New Business Models
  172. D&B's 'Blueprint for Growth'Strategy
  173. The Adidas - Reebok Merger
  174. Wal-Mart's Strategies in China
  175. Hewlett - Packard (HP) I - Community at Kuppam in India: Social Investment through e-Inclusion
  176. Doing Business the Sustainable Way
  177. Haier: The Chinese Global Competitor
  178. The Reliance Group Saga: Break-Up of the Largest Family-Owned Business in India
  179. Sina's Growth Strategies in China
  180. Utstarcom in China
  181. Carrefour's Exit from Japan
  182. Wal-Mart Struggles in Japan
  183. Tesco's 'Steering Wheel'Strategy
  184. Ranbaxy's Globalization Strategies and its Foray into the US
  185. Delphi in Trouble
  186. Kodak's Digital Journey
  187. Lupin Limited: India's Leading Pharma Company
  188. Sony Corporation: Losing Competitive Advantage
  189. Dell's Problems in China
  190. P&G's Success Story in China
  191. The Turnaround of AOL
  192. The Turnaround of Srilankan Airlines
  193. Reviving Motorola: The Zander Way
  194. TCL-Thomson Electronics Corporation: A Failed Joint Venture?
  195. The Turnaround of Vivendi Universal
  196. The Grundig Story
  197. Morgan Motor Company: The Car Maker's Journey into the 21st Century
  198. HP-Compaq - A Failed Merger?
  199. Disney's Acquisition of Pixar
  200. Ford: The 'Way Forward'Restructuring Program
  201. GCMMF's Cooperative Structure
  202. Reviving Hindustan Lever Limited
  203. Li Ning: Brand Growth and Excellence in China
  204. Reviving Manpower Inc.: The Joerres Way
  205. The Morgan Stanley - Dean Witter Merger
  206. News Corporation's Digital Dilemma
  207. PSA Peugeot Citroen: Strategic Alliances for Competitive Advantage
  208. The Transformation of Apple's Business Model
  209. Vodafone in Trouble
  210. Grasim Industries Ltd. and VSF: Expanding a Commodity Market through Branding and CRM
  211. Sony Ericsson's Mobile Music Strategy
  212. Bajaj Auto Ltd.: Overtaken in the Indian Scooter Market
  213. Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd.
  214. Indiagames Ltd.: Mobile Games and Beyond
  215. Jet Airways'Attempted Acquisition of Air Sahara
  216. Danfoss: Business Strategy in China
  217. Infosys in China
  218. JPMorgan Chase: A Tale of Two Mergers
  219. BPL Ltd & Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd: An Enduring Alliance
  220. Governance and Control at AXA
  221. Voltas Ltd.: From Turnaround to the 'Big Bang'
  222. eBay's Acquisition of Skype - Will the Gamble Work?
  223. Restructuring Pantaloon Retail: The 'Future Group'Initiative
  224. Samsung Electronics: Success by Design
  225. The Break-Up of the RPG-DFI Joint Venture
  226. Blu-ray and HD DVD: Betamax - VHS 'Format Wars' Redux?
  227. Organizational Transformation at the BBC
  228. Reviving CBS - The Leslie Moonves Way
  229. NBC in Trouble
  230. Jetstar Asia: A Low Cost Airline in Trouble
  231. Coach Inc.: From Staid to Stylish
  232. MTV Networks International: Localizing Globally
  233. Saregama India Ltd.: Striking a Digital Chord
  234. Bonnier Group - Sweden's Leading Family Owned Business
  235. WorldSpace Satellite Radio: Fading Signals?
  236. The Parryware-Roca Joint Venture
  237. Carrefour's Exit from South Korea
  238. Tesco's Globalization Strategies and its Success in South Korea
  239. Embraer: The Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer's Turnaround and Growth
  240. Whole Foods Market's Growth Strategies and Future Prospects
  241. B&Q's Strategies in China
  242. Carrefour's Strategies in China
  243. Nintendo Wii: A 'Revolution'in Gaming?
  244. Tata Motors and Fiat Auto: Joining Forces
  245. The betapharm Acquisition: DRL's Inorganic Growth Strategy in Europe
  246. BenQ Corp.'s Failed Acquisition of Siemens' Mobile Devices Division
  247. Sanyo's 'Think GAIA' Vision and Turnaround Efforts
  248. Aldi: A Low-Cost Retail Giant's Distinctive Business Practices
  249. Dell's Foray into Consumer Electronics
  250. British American Tobacco in South Korea
  251. Corporate Turnaround of Pharmacia & Upjohn
  252. Business Transformation at Telefónica De España
  253. Wal-Mart and the Indian Retail Sector
  254. Reorganizing Yahoo!
  255. The Verizon-MCI Merger
  256. Yahoo! in China: Local Problems for the Global Internet Giant
  257. Logan: Renault's Low Cost 'World Car'
  258. Volkswagen's Acquisition of Skoda Auto: A Central European Success Story
  259. Alan Mulally's Challenges at Ford Motor Company
  260. The Success Story of Wal-Mart in Mexico
  261. Hindalco's Acquisition of Novelis
  262. Yum! Brands Inc. in china
  263. Motorola in Trouble
  264. Prediction Markets: Distilling Collective Wisdom
  265. Innovation at Cirque Du Soleil
  266. Balanced Scorecard Implementation at Philips
  267. Market Leader Strategies: AstraZeneca Defending its Turf
  268. Wikipedia's Growth Story
  269. Las Vegas Sands Corp.: A High-Risk, High-Return Strategy?
  270. JC Penney's People Strategy: Setting the Right Climate for Human Resource Development
  271. The Hutchison Essar Acquisition: Vodafone's Foray into an Emerging Market
  272. Yes Bank: Competitive Strategy of a Late Entrant
  273. JetBlue Airways: Growing Pains?
  274. eBay's Problems in China
  275. Mylan's Acquisition of Matrix
  276. Carrefour in Taiwan
  277. Dell Inc: Moving Beyond Direct Sales Model
  278. eBay in Japan
  279. Speed Breakers Galore-Maruti
  280. The Coke Pepsi Rivalry
  281. Amway's Indian Network Marketing Experience
  282. Fast Food Fables
  283. Relaunch of Frooti - The Digen Verma campaign
  284. Makeover of Britannia
  285. Rewriting Indian Consumer Electronic Goods Marketing
  286. The Nirma Story
  287. Fairness Wars
  288. Cielo - A Car in Trouble
  289. Onida 'Candy'-Getting The Marketing Mix Wrong
  290. Pizza Wars
  291. Tanishq's - The Turnaround Strategy
  292. Amul's Diversification Strategy
  293. The Tasty Bite Story
  294. BPCL's Petrol Pump Retail Revolution
  295. Kellogg's Indian Experience
  1. Barbie's Success Story
  2. Luxor Writing Instruments Private Limited - Marketing Pens in India
  3. The Indian Petroleum Industry: Towards Branded Fuels
  4. All Out' - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant
  5. Legend' - Redefining the Rules of Marketing PCs in China
  6. L'Oreal - Building a Global Cosmetic Brand
  7. BBC World in India
  8. Madura Garments - Marketing Branded Men's Wear n India
  9. TetraPak's Packaging Innovations
  10. Customer Service at Singapore Airlines
  11. Walt Disney - The Evolution of a Brand
  12. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - America's Hottest Brand
  13. FedEx vs. UPS in China - Competing with Contrasting Strategies
  14. Tesco - The Customer Relationship Management Champion
  15. Beetle : The Birth, Growth, Death and Revival of a Cult Brand
  16. Virgin - Brand Extension and Brand Dilution
  17. P & G Brand Management System
  18. Baskin Robbins Innovative Marketing
  19. Marketing Research at P & G
  20. Scorpio - Marketing an Automobile Brand
  21. The 'David Beckham' Brand
  22. Absolut Vodka - Creating Advertising History
  23. Harry Potter - A Multi Billion Dollar Business
  24. Lessons in Customer Service From Wal-Mart
  25. Coca Cola India's Thirst for the Rural Market
  26. New Product Development at the Schwan Food Company - Innovations Through Communication
  27. Branding a Commodity - The Tata Steel Way
  28. Calvin Klein's Scandalous Advertising - Morality vs. Money
  29. Price Optimization at Northern Group Retail
  30. Tupperware in India
  31. Nivea - Managing an Umbrella Brand
  32. NIKE - 'The Goddess of Marketing'
  33. Samsung's Marketing Strategy in India
  34. Tommy Hilfiger - The Struggles of an American Fashion Icon
  35. BUMRUNGRAD'S Global Services Marketing Strategy
  36. CavinKare's Innovative Marketing Strategies
  37. Hindustan Lever's Foray into Network Marketing
  38. Pantaloons Retail (India) Limited - The Indian Retailing Giant
  39. Hyundai's Marketing Strategies in India
  40. Marketing Strategies of BusinessWorld
  41. Coca-Cola's Belgian Crisis - The Public Relations Fiasco
  42. Honda's Marketing Strategies in India
  43. Repositioning Dabur
  44. Maruti Udyog Limited - The Pricing Dilemma
  45. Casas Bahia - Marketing to the Poor
  46. Coca-Cola's Dasani In the UK - The Public Relations Fiasco
  47. Cummins India - Consumer Driven Modularization Strategy
  48. Harrah's CRM Strategy
  49. Promotional Strategies of Cellular Service Providers in India
  50. Zee Telefilms'Competitive Strategies
  51. Channel Conflict at Apple
  52. Arvind Brands'Competitive Position in the Indian Branded Apparel Market
  53. Marketing and Communication Strategy of Titan Industries' Watch Division
  54. Match.com - The World's Leading Online Personals Site
  55. Haier's Marketing Strategies in India
  56. Market Expansion Strategies of Maruti Udyog
  57. Organized Retail Industry in India
  58. LG's Growth Strategies in India
  59. Multi-Branding Strategy of Videocon Industries in the consumer Durables Sector
  60. The Marlboro Story
  61. Toyota Prius - A Case in New Product Development
  62. IKEA's Global Marketing Strategy
  63. Google and the 'Click Fraud'Menace
  64. Pricing Fuzeon - Cost of Innovation?
  65. The 'Incredible India'Campaign - Marketing India to the World
  66. The New 'Indian' Airlines
  67. Radio Mirchi - Spicing up the Indian Air Waves
  68. Segway - Still Off-balance?
  69. Real Madrid: The Galacticos Era
  70. PVR Ltd.'s Growth and Future Prospects
  71. Grove Fresh Ltd - Marketing Organic Juices
  72. Crisis Management At Bausch & Lomb - The 'ReNu Moistureloc'Controversy
  73. Marketing Viagra in India
  74. Kingfisher Airlines - The 'Funliner Experience'
  75. Lacoste's Marketing Strategies in the US
  76. Rebuilding the 'Martha Stewart'Brand
  77. Marketing 'The Da Vinci Code'
  78. ITC Food's Growth and Future Prospects
  79. P&G's Vocalpoint - Using Moms for W.O.M
  80. BMW's "Company of Ideas" Campaign - Targeting the "Creative Class"
  81. Browser Wars II: The Release of IE 7 (BETA 2)
  82. Tata Motors: Serving an 'Ace'for Success
  83. Lipitor: How far should Pfizer push the Pill?
  84. Red Bull's Innovative Marketing-Transforming a Humdrum Product into a Happening Brand
  85. Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week: Fission in Indian Fashion
  86. Hello Kitty': A Japanese Superbrand
  87. The Maggi Brand in India: Brand Extension and Repositioning
  88. Haagen-Dazs: Repositioning a Cult Brand
  89. Hidesign: Marketing Leather Products
  90. Lifebuoy "Swasthya Chetna": Unilever's Social Marketing Campaign
  91. Snapple's Marketing - An Unconventional Brand's Claim to Fame
  92. Naming a Pharmaceutical Brand: A Product Manager's Dilemma
  93. Nike's "Joga Bonito" Marketing Campaign
  94. Vertu Mobile Phones: Luxury Redefined
  95. Dell's Customer Contact Center Operations in India
  96. Volkswagen's Iroc Concept: Reviving the Scirocco to Target A Niche Market
  97. Race-Specific Drug 'BiDil': Nitromed's Marketing Challenge
  98. Unilever's "Real Beauty" Campaign for Dove
  99. Marketing the 'Lost'TV Drama Series: ABC's Integrated Marketing Strategy
  100. The loveLife Brand (A): Initiating a Behavior Change in South African Youth to Prevent HIV
  101. Eurail Group GIE: Marketing Rail Travel in Europe
  102. The Lovelife Brand (B): Evolving the Campaign's Communication Strategy for HIV Prevention in South African Youth
  103. Innovative Marketing Strategies of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
  104. Bose Corp.: Better Sound through Research or Better Sales through Marketing?
  105. Sony's Battery Recall Fiasco
  106. Philips: Making Sense of Simplicity
  107. Harnessing the Power of Online Social Communities for Branding and Market Development
  108. Rovion's InPerson Technology: Changing the Face of Online Advertising
  109. Glacéau: Marketing Vitaminwater
  110. Microsoft's Strategy for Small Businesses (A): The Innovative PR Campaign for MS Office Accounting 2007
  111. Microsoft's Strategy for Small Businesses (B): Marketing MS Office Live
  112. Natureworks: Market Development for Bioplastics
  113. Bud.TV: Logging Troubles
  114. Crisis Management at Bausch & Lomb (B): The 'Renu with Moistureloc'Debacle
  115. Pfizer's Torcetrapib Failure: The Risks of New Drug Development
  116. Glaxosmithkline's Marketing Strategy for Requip: A Case Study in Product Lifecycle Management
  117. Marketing Strategies of Harley-Davidson
  118. Sunsilk Gang of Girls': Hindustan Lever Limited's Online Social Networking Initiative in India
  119. Merck's New Product Development and Launch Strategy for Januvia
  120. Tata Indica V2 Xeta: Competing in the Indian Small Car Market
  121. Tourism Malaysia: Creating 'Brand Malaysia'
  122. Apple iPod's Promotional and Positioning Strategies
  123. 'Atithi Devo Bhavah': Indian Tourism Ministry's Social Awareness Program to Boost Tourism
  124. Body Shop Brand: Repositioning to Target the 'Masstige' Segment and Impact of its Acquisition by L'Oréal
  125. Crisis Management: Dealing with a Product Crisis
  126. UTI Bank to AXIS Bank: A Corporate Rebranding Exercise
  127. What's in a Name? Lessons from Three Rebranding Exercises in India
  128. Launching iPhone: Apple's Entry into the Mobile Phone Market
  129. Treading on that Fine Line?: Caselets in Marketing Ethics
  130. Pricing it Right: Three Caselets in Pricing
  131. Nokia Corporation: Reversing the Decline in Brand Value
  132. Pabst Brewing Company: The Classic Revival of the 'Pabst Blue Ribbon' Brand
  133. The Enron Saga
  134. Ban of Tobacco Ads by the Government of India
  135. Indian Hotels: Ajit Kerkar Controversy
  136. BALCO: The Disinvestment Story
  137. The Firestone Tire Controversy
  138. Microsoft Antitrust Case
  139. The Napster Controversy
  140. The Tata Tea - ULFA story
  141. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  142. The T-Series story
  143. The Indian Liquor Industry Prohibition Story
  144. The BAT-ITC Tussle
  145. The Reality TV Controversies
  146. Coke: Ethical Issues
  147. The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Controversies
  148. ITC: The FERA Violation Story
  149. The McDonald's 'Beef Fries'Controversy
  150. Nike's Labor Practices
  151. Reebok: Managing Human Rights Issues Ethically
  152. Martha Stewart: The Goddess of Domesticity
  153. Kmart: Forced towards Bankruptcy
  154. Sexual Harassment at Infosys
  155. Coca-Cola & Pepsi Harm India's Ecology
  156. Wal-Mart: A Case of Employee Discrimination
  157. Kraft Food's Fight against Obesity
  158. Pepsi in Burma (Myanmar): A Globalization Catastrophe
  159. The Fall of Arthur Andersen
  160. The Tug of War over Gesco Corporation
  161. The Arun Bajoria - Bombay Dyeing Tussle
  162. Rio Tinto: The Mining Giant Pollutes Indonesia's Environment
  163. Dr. Reddy's Foundation for Human and Social Development
  164. Nestle's Social Irresponsibility in Developing Nations
  165. Canon's 'Kyosei' Philosophy and Social Responsibility Initiatives
  166. Sustainable Development at Alcoa
  167. Governance Issues at the New York Stock Exchange
  168. Procter & Gamble vs Unilever: A Case of Corporate Espionage
  169. Boeing's Unethical Practices
  170. Trouble in the 'Magic Kingdom': Governance Problems at Disney
  171. Snow Brand's Unethical Practices at Japan
  172. Royal Dutch/Shell 'Oil Reserves' Controversy
  173. Greenpeace: Working for a Green and Peaceful Future
  174. Halliburton 'Overbilling' Controversy
  175. Governance Problems in Citigroup Japan
  176. KFC in India: Ethical Issues
  177. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
  178. The Recall of Vioxx
  179. Cemex's Social Responsibility Initiatives
  180. Voxiva's Social Responsibility Initiatives
  181. CSR Initiatives at HSBC: Making Good Business Sense
  182. The Tata Group: Integrating Social Responsibility with Corporate Strategy
  183. Sustainability Management at Philips
  184. ABB: Providing "Access to Electricity"
  185. Hollinger International: The Lord Black Saga
  186. Childhood Obesity: Should Junk Food be Regulated?
  187. Ahold's Sustainability Initiatives
  188. Sustainable Development at British Petroleum
  189. Corporate Social Responsibility at HP
  190. IKEA's Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives
  191. Tesco's Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  192. Ethical Issues at Christie's
  193. Coca-Cola's Business Practices: Facing the Heat in a Few Countries
  194. The Le Clemenceau Controversy: Business vs. Safety
  195. Corporate Philanthropy - Best Practices at Novartis AG
  196. Exxon Mobil's Riches: Fueling Controversy?
  197. IKEA's Environmental Practices: Making Good Business Sense
  198. Corporate Social Responsibility at ONGC Ltd.
  199. The Body Shop: Social Responsibility or Sustained Greenwashing?
  200. Ecomagination'at Work: GE's Sustainability Initiative
  201. Honda's Environmentology
  202. Business Ethics and Governance Issues at HP - The Pretexting Controversy
  203. BP: Putting Profits Before Safety?
  204. SC Johnson's CSR Initiatives - Testing the 'Base of the Pyramid'Protocol
  205. Grameen Danone Foods: A Social Business Enterprise
  206. Wal-Mart's Sustainability Initiatives
  207. Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Ltd: Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with Sound Business Sense
  208. The Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG
  209. 'Celebrity Big Brother 2007'Controversy
  210. Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready'Alfalfa Controversy
  211. Genetic Engineering: Questions of Ethics and Effectiveness
  212. Sustainability Management at Nau Inc.
  213. Sustainable Packaging Practices at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
  214. Social Networking Issues and Orkut.com
  215. DHL's Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives - The Disaster Management Program
  216. Navman: The Resale Price Maintenance Controversy
  217. Corporate Governance At Infosys
  218. Alacrity Housing - Ethics First
  219. Sinopec Corporation of China - Setting Standards in Corporate Governance
  220. Governance Problems at Morgan Stanley
  221. Corporate Governance at Ahold
  222. Corporate Governance Issues at Refco Inc.
  223. Google's Problems in China
  224. Mercosur - Changing Course?
  225. Gazprom - Naftogaz Ukrainy Dispute: Business Or Politics?
  226. Labor Market Reforms in France and the Job Law 'CPE'- A Lost Opportunity
  227. Microsoft EU Antitrust Case
  228. Bolivia Nationalizes the Oil and Gas Sector
  229. Wind Energy Industry in the US and Canada: A Note on the Regulatory Environment
  230. Singapore: Past Perfect, Future Tense?
  231. The Fall of D'Long
  232. Pfizer's Intellectual Property Rights Battles in China for Viagra
  233. Germany's 'Green Dot'Waste Management System
  234. Kentucky Fried Chicken: Tackling the Trans Fat Problem
  235. Troubled Times for The Chinese Toy Industry
  236. The US Housing Market and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (A)
  237. The US Housing Market and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (B): Impact on the US Economy
  238. Business Cycle - The US and the Japanese Experience
  239. Economic Crisis in India Southeast Asia & Argentina
  240. Economic Integration
  241. Fiscal Policy in India and Canada
  242. Indian Railways at the Crossroads
  243. The US Steel Industry in 2004 - Still in Need of Protection?
  244. The Russian Oil Giant Yukos - When Business and Politics Collide
  245. Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA)- A Microfinance Success Story in Andhra Pradesh
  246. The Rise and Fall of The 'Keiretsus' in Japan
  247. The Chaebols of South Korea
  248. The Bangalore Brand
  249. Ranbaxy's Patent Litigations in the United States
  250. Privatization of Delhi & Mumbai Airports - A Bumpy Take Off
  251. The European Union and Immigration from New Member Countries
  252. The South African Economy: Coping with the Legacy of Apartheid
  253. The US-China Exchange Rate Stand-Off
  254. The Indian Economy: Dealing with Inflation
  255. Should Energy be Subsidized?
  256. The Softwood Lumber Dispute Between Canada and The United States
  257. The Economic Consequences of Population Aging
  258. Macau: The Future Entertainment Capital of the World?
  259. The Indian Rupee-US Dollar Exchange Rate: The Economic Impact of a Strengthening Currency
  260. The Nordic Economic Model
  261. The Russian Economy in the Post-Soviet Era
  262. The Soviet Economy
  263. The Ramoji Group
  264. GE And Jack Welch
  265. Narayan Murthy and Infosys
  266. Michael Dell - The Man Behind DELL
  267. Akio Morita - The Man Who Made Sony
  268. Oprah Winfrey - The Story of an Entrepreneur
  269. Louis V Gerstner - The Man Who Turned IBM Around
  270. Lijjat Papad - Woman & Entrepreneurship
  271. The Saga of Lee Iacocca - From Ford To Chrysler
  272. Ekta Kapoor - The Queen of Indian Soaps
  273. Dhirubhai Ambani and Reliance
  274. Shahnaz Hussain - A Successful Indian Woman Entrepreneur
  275. Women and Entrepreneurship
  276. Leadership the Bill Gates Way
  277. The Rise and Fall of Vivendi Universal 's Jean Marie Messier
  278. John Chambers - Cisco's Driving Force
  279. Steve Case - The Story of AOL's Architect
  280. Steve Jobs - The Silicon Valley Pioneer
  281. Larry Ellison - The Source of Oracle's Wisdom
  282. Carlos Ghosn - The Turnaround Specialist
  1. Jack Welch and Jeffrey Immelt - Continuity and Change in Strategy, Style and Culture at GE
  2. Michael Jackson - The Rise and Fall of The King of Pop
  3. HP's Strategy and Operations under Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd
  4. Jack Ma and Alibaba.com
  5. Harold Burson and Burson-Marsteller
  6. Social Entrepreneurship - The Alicia Polak Way
  7. Mark Constantine: The Willy Wonka of the Beauty Industry
  8. James McNerney and 3M: Making a Good Company Better?
  9. Sourav Ganguly (A): A Case Study in Leadership
  10. Sourav Ganguly (B): The Second Coming
  11. Case Studies on a Few Women Microentrepreneurs
  12. Zhang Yin - China's Leading Woman Entrepreneur
  13. CEO as Change Agent
  14. Azim Hasham Premji's Value-Based Leadership
  15. James Dyson: The Engineer Entrepreneur
  16. Innovations in the Healthcare Services Industry in India
  17. Fiscal Policy in India and Canada
  18. Innovations in the Music and Entertainment Industry in India
  19. Innovations in the Banking Industry in India
  20. Innovations in Education and Training Sector in India
  21. E-Governance in India
  22. Software and IT Services in India
  23. India - A Global Manufacturing HUB
  24. Travel and Tourism in India - Focus on Innovation and Customer
  25. Innovations in the Biotech and Pharma Industries in India
  26. Innovations in the Indian Telecom Industry
  27. Innovations in Rural India
  28. Changing Trends in Retailing and FMCG Industry in India
  29. Changing Trends in Road Transportation Industry in India
  30. Industry Report - the Aviation Industry - A Brief Profile of European & German Markets
  31. Country Report - Germany
  32. A Note on the Refrigerator Industry in India
  33. A Note on the Branded Apparel Industry in India
  34. A Note on the Colour Television Industry in India
  35. A Note on the Cellular Industry in India
  36. A Note on Global Insurance Industry and the Study of Indian Insurance Markets
  37. A Brief Profile of the Global, European and Russian Oil Industry
  38. Country Profile - China
  39. Country Profile - Russia
  40. A Report on the Indian Textile Industry
  41. An industry note - Banking in India - Issues and Challenges for the Future
  42. An industry note - Microinsurance - Taking Risk Management to the Grassroots
  43. A Report on - Leather Industry in India
  44. A Note on the Chinese Automobile Industry
  45. Contract Research in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
  46. A Note on Mobile CRM
  47. A Report on Rural BPOs in India
  48. A Report on Wind Energy in the World
  49. A Report on Wind Energy in the United States and Canada
  50. A Report on Information Security and Data Privacy in the Indian BPO Industry
  51. A Report on Aviation Industry in India
  52. A Report on Online Advertising
  53. A Note on Money Transfer Services to India
  54. Report on Gaming Industry in India
  55. Report on Solar Energy in the US and Canada
  56. A Report on Global ATM Frauds
  57. A Report on Solar Energy Industry in the Asia Pacific Region
  58. A Report on Solar Energy Industry in Europe
  59. A Note on Future Trends in the Publishing Industry
  60. A Note on The World Solar Energy Industry
  61. A Note on Immigration Regulations in the United States
  62. A Note on Consumer Spending Patterns in India
  63. A Note on Investment Strategies Involving Options
  64. GSM Vs CDMA - A Comparative Study
  65. A Note on the Financial Evaluation of Projects
  66. A Note on Financial Ratio Analysis
  67. A Note on Interest Rate Futures
  68. A Note on Currency and Index Futures
  69. Need for Project Management
  70. Implementing Risk Management Program
  71. Scheduling the Project Activities
  72. The Concorde Project - A Technical Engineering Triumph but a Commercial Disaster
  73. The Delhi Metro Project: Effective Project Management in the Indian Public Sector
  74. Millau Viaduct: Creating an Engineering Marvel
  75. Assessing Loss Due to Theft
  76. Claims for loss to property - genuine or fraudulent
  77. Assessing Losses Caused By Vandalism
  78. Call Center Operations in Insurance
  79. Changing Trends in Commercial Vehicles Insurance in India
  80. Claim Adjusters and Workers Compensation Claims
  81. Assessing Loss to a Property and Claims Adjustment Process
  82. Factors Influencing Automobile Underwriting
  83. How Attractive is Asian Insurance Market
  84. Insuring Hitherto Uncovered Losses - Cyberinsurance
  85. Intermediaries in the Insurance Market
  86. IRDA and the Changing Tariff Structure for Motor Vehicle Insurance in India
  87. Liability Claims Cost of Non Response
  88. Liability Insurance - Personal Injury Claims
  89. Market Research in Insurance
  90. Marketing Strategies in the Indian Insurance Market
  91. Premium Rebates to Policy Holders - Are They Ethical
  92. Rate Making in Insurance
  93. Reinsurance in India
  94. Tug of War for Liability Claims
  95. When Insurance Against Perils Becomes Perilous
  96. Change Programs and their Implementation
  97. Customization of Insurance Products - A Tool For Gaining Competitive Advantage
  98. Effectiveness of Symbols and Ideas in Advertising Insurance Products
  99. Email an Effective Communication Tool for Insurers
  100. Employee Involvement Total Quality Management in Insurance Companies
  101. High Claims and Controlled Tariff Structure in Motor Insurance in India
  102. HR Challenges in the Insurance Industry
  103. Innovative Products The Key to Success in the Indian Insurance Market
  104. Is Honeymoon Over for Insurers in India
  105. Marketing Information Systems in Insurance Companies
  106. Need for Training Sales Personnel in Insurance Organizations
  107. Rebating in Insurance - Boon or Bane
  108. Sales Personnel and their Training - The Tool to Get Competitive Advantage
  109. Serving Rural Markets a Necessity For Indian Insurers
  110. Technology a Means for Improving Customer Service
  111. The Art of Selling Insurance Products
  112. US Insurers Looking Towards Indian Insurance Market
  113. Balanced Scorecard - A Performance Support System
  114. Bancassurance - A Business Option
  115. Call Centers and Customer Relationship Management in Insurance Organizations
  116. Continuous Online Auditing - Benefits to Insurance Organizations
  117. Global Expansion of the Insurance Business - is it Lucrative
  118. Information System Planning in Insurance Organizations
  119. Outsourcing of Underwriting Activities in Insurance - Advantages and Disadvantages
  120. Role of Information Technology in Organization Design and Structure
  121. The Importance of HR Planning in an Insurance Organization
  122. The Need for Business Intelligence in Insurance Organizations
  123. The Need for Changing Organization Design and Structure
  124. Insurance Industry - Repercussions of Unplanned Mergers and Acquisitions
  125. Customer Service and Organization Structure in the Insurance Industry
  126. Viability of Providing Insurance Cover For Intangible Assets in India
  127. AIG's E-Business Risk Insurance Solutions
  128. The Tata & Tetley Leveraged Buyout
  129. Life Insurance Corporation's Future Prospects
  130. The US-64 Controversy
  131. The GTB - UTI Bank Merger
  132. The ITC Classic Story
  133. The Ketan Parekh Scam
  134. The JVG Scandal
  135. The CRB Scam
  136. The Anubhav Plantations Scam
  137. Coimbatore Bypass Road Project
  138. Arvind Mills'Restructuring Plan
  139. Film Insurance & Financing in India
  140. The Gucci - LVMH Battle
  141. The Case of insider trading (HLL-BBLIL Merger)
  142. Modi Rubber Vs the Financial Institutions
  143. Reliance Petroleum TOCD Issue (A)
  144. Reliance Petroleum TOCD Issue (B)
  145. Buyback of Shares and MNCs
  146. The Indian Housing Finance Industry At Crossroads
  147. Essar Steel - Defaulting on Debt Repayment
  148. Co-operative Bank Scams in India
  149. The WorldCom Accounting Scandal
  150. Bangladesh Grameen Bank - Pioneers in Microfinance
  151. Takeover Tussle - Grasim vs. L&T
  152. The Fall of Barings Bank
  153. Derivatives Trading in India
  154. MRPL & RPL - Analyzing Risk and Returns
  155. Parmalat - The Fall of a Dairy Giant
  156. Sumitomo Corporation of Japan - The Commodity Derivatives Fiasco
  157. The Polaris - Orbitech Merger
  158. Valuing Sify's Acquisition of Indiaworld
  159. Allied Irish Banks - The Currency Derivatives Fiasco
  160. Daiwa Bank - Lessons in Risk Management
  161. Godrej Consumer Products Limited - Implementing EVA
  162. Tisco - The EVA Journey
  163. Securities and Exchange Board of India - Role as a Regulator
  164. The Google IPO
  165. The Rise and Fall of Global Trust Bank
  166. The Lucent Accounting Scandal
  167. The Fall of United Western Bank
  168. ICICI Bank - Innovations in Microfinance
  169. The Microfinance Industry in India
  170. SBI's Microfinance Initiatives
  171. Royal Ahold NV - The US Foodservice Accounting Fraud
  172. Grameen Bank of Bangladesh - The Grameen General Credit System
  173. ICICI Bank's "Get up to 100% Cash Back" Offer
  174. UBS and Islamic Banking
  175. A Note on Adjustable Rate and Fixed Rate Mortgage Plans in the US
  176. Tata Steel's Acquisition of Corus
  177. Bata India's HR Problems
  178. SAIL's Voluntary Retirement Scheme
  179. HR Restructuring - The Coca Cola & Dabur Way
  180. Philips India - Labor Problems at Salt Lake
  181. The Indian Call Center Journey
  182. Indian Airline's HR Problems
  183. The State Bank of India VRS
  184. Change Management @ ICICI
  185. Reorganizing HP
  186. Wipro's PCMM - Level 5 Certification
  187. Microsoft - Discrimination at the Workplace
  188. HP at Cultural Crossroads
  189. Netscape's Work Culture
  190. Recruiting - The Cisco Way
  191. Xerox - People Problems
  192. Employee Downsizing
  193. Personal Appearances - The Changing HR Norms
  194. Flexible Work Options
  195. The Corporate Glass Ceiling
  196. The CEO Compensation Controversy
  197. Southwest Airlines' Organizational Culture
  198. 3M's Organizational Culture
  199. Nokia - Fostering Innovation
  200. The Fall of Arthur Andersen - Organizational Culture Issues
  201. Johnson and Johnson's Health and Wellness Program
  202. Pink Slip Parties - A New Human Resource Buzzword
  203. The Taj People Philosophy and Star System
  204. Human Resource Management System Reforms at Matsushita
  205. ESOPs - A Tool for Employee Retention
  206. Training Employees of IBM Through e-Learning
  207. Human Resources Accounting in Infosys
  208. Reorganizing ABB - From Matrix to Consumer - Centric Organization Structure (A)
  209. Reorganizing ABB - From Matrix to Consumer - Centric Organization Structure (B)
  210. Human Resource Management - Best Practices at the FedEx Corporation
  211. Microsoft People Problems
  212. Nucor Corp's Organizational Culture
  213. The Good and Bad of Wal-Mart's Culture
  214. Fannie Mae's Human Resource Management Policies
  215. SRC Holdings - The 'Open Book' Management Culture
  216. Innovations at Wipro
  217. Google's Organizational Culture
  218. Managing Cultural Change at P & G
  219. Retaining Employees
  220. Recruitment and Selection
  221. Quality of Worklife
  222. Performance Appraisal Management
  223. Compensation Management
  224. Organizational Culture - The Recipe for Success
  225. Employee Satisfaction - An Outcome of Motivated Workforce
  226. Needs Drive Performance
  227. The Right Way to be an effective Leader
  228. Leadership the Right Approach
  229. Employee Participation, Organization Structure and Decision Making
  230. Improve Performance Through Change Management
  231. HR Restructuring at Lucent Technologies
  232. Succession Planning at GE
  233. Succession Planning at Ranbaxy - Family Drama, Corporate Style
  234. HR Problems in Hyundai Motor Co.
  235. Political Advertising - The 'India Shining' Campaign
  236. Semco - A 'Maverick' Organization
  237. Southwest Airlines Act II - An Airline in Trouble?
  238. Volvo's HR Practices - Focus on Job Enrichment
  239. Home Depot's Cultural Evolution - A comparison of the Company's Culture Under ITS Founders and BOB Nardelli
  240. Human Resource Management - Best Practices at Marriott International
  241. Training and Development at Godrej
  242. Ikea's Innovative Human Resource Management Practices and Work Culture
  243. Employee Training and Development at Motorola
  244. Starbucks' Human Resource Management Policies and the Growth Challenge
  245. Cisco's Organization Culture
  246. Organization Culture at Goldman Sachs
  247. Managing Attrition in the Indian Information Technology Industry
  248. Training and Development - The GE Way
  249. Human Resource Management Practices at The National Thermal Power Corporation (Ntpc) in India
  250. Racial Discrimination at FedEx Corporation
  251. EVA and Compensation Management System at Tata Consultancy Services
  252. Valero Energy's HR Practices and Culture
  253. GM's Pension Fund Problems
  254. Discrimination Cases at Boeing
  255. Disney - Succession Problems In The Magic Kingdom
  256. Diversity Training At Toys "R" Us, Inc
  257. Innovation at Whirlpool - Creating a New Competency
  258. Pixar's 'Incredible'Culture
  259. Promoting Diversity - The American Express Way
  260. IG Metall - A Trade Union in Crisis?
  261. SABMiller's Human Capital Proposition - Institutionalizing a Performance Culture
  262. Whole Foods Market's Unique Work Culture and Practices
  263. Leadership Training and Development at the BBC
  264. IR Problems at Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited
  265. Diversity and Talent Management Practices at IBM
  266. Human Resource Management - Best Practices in Infosys Technologies
  267. Genentech's Work Culture and Practices
  268. Best Buy's 'Results Only Work Environment': Changing the Productivity Paradigm?
  269. Remaking JC Penney's Organizational Culture
  270. People Matters in Sales Force Management
  271. Employees First, Customers Second': Wegmans' Work Culture
  272. Human Capital Development: The Harley-Davidson Way
  273. The Chappell Way (A): A Case Study in Team Building and Group Dynamics
  274. The Chappell Way (B): A Case Study in Teambuilding and Group Dynamics
  275. Workforce Diversity at Nordstrom
  276. Ritz-Carlton's Human Resource Management Practices and Work Culture: The Foundation of an Exceptional Service Organization
  277. Some HR Dilemmas in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Firms
  278. Enhancing the Credibility of the Training Function: Involving Line Managers in Sales Training
  279. Cirque Du Soleil's Human Resource Management Practices
  280. Labor Unrest at Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Private) Limited
  281. Eli Lilly: Managing Workplace Diversity and Coping with the Accusations of Racial Discrimination
  282. McDonald's Food Chain
  283. Tata Indica: The Making of the Small Car
  284. The Crompton Greaves'Operations Overhaul
  285. Revamping the Supply Chain: The Ashok Leyland Way
  286. Domino's India Logistics Management
  287. Toyota's JIT Revolution
  288. Toyota's Kaizen Experience
  289. Mahindra & Mahindra: Implementing BPR
  290. Gujarat Ambuja: Redefining Operational Efficiency
  291. Sundaram Clayton: Winning the Deming Prize
  292. TISCO: The World's Most Cost Effective Steel Plant
  293. Xerox: The Benchmarking Story
  294. Ellora Time's Manufacturing Woes
  295. Lean Manufacturing Initiatives at Boeing
  296. Six Sigma at GE
  297. The Siyaram Celebrity Endorsement Experience
  298. The Story of Benetton's Advertisement Campaigns
  299. Reinventing Bisleri
  300. Maggi - Nestle's Problem Child
  301. Eureka Forbes - The Direct Marketing Pioneer
  302. Film-Based Merchandising - Taking the Movies Home.
  303. Banning Surrogate Liquor Advertising
  304. Revamping Rasna - A Marketing Overhaul Saga
  305. Life Insurance Marketing in India (A)
  306. Life Insurance Marketing in India (B)
  307. Life Insurance Marketing in India (C)
  308. Indian Aviation - Price Wars & More
  309. Reinventing Cadbury
  310. Hindustan Lever - Rural Marketing Initiatives.
  311. Himalaya Drug Company - Branding Ayurveda
  312. MusicWorld - Redefining Indian Music Marketing
  313. The Launch of New Coke
  314. Satyam iWay - Changing Indian Internet Browsing.
  315. The Teleshopping Business in India
  316. Airtel - Positioning (And Repositioning)
  317. Intel - The Component Branding Saga
  318. Nestle's Brand Management Strategies
  319. Airtel Magic - Selling a Prepaid Cellphone Service
  320. Reader's Digest - The Story of a Magazine
  321. Allen Solly - Entering the Indian Women's Western Wear Market
  1. AMD in 2005: Coming out of Intel's Shadow
  2. News Corp in 2005: Consolidating the DirecTV Acquisition
  3. Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid (D)
  4. The Turnaround of Ispat Karmet
  5. Ispat - Sidbec: Entering North America
  6. The Turnaround of Ispat Imexsa
  7. Mittal Steel: Consolidating US Operations
  8. NDDB in 2004: Beyond Operation Flood
  9. Gucci in 2004
  10. P&G in 2005
  11. Balrampur Chini Mills
  12. The Turnaround of Caribbean Ispat Ltd. (CIL)
  13. Prada: The IPO Dilemma
  14. Wal-Mart in China
  15. P&G in 2005: The Gillette Acquisition (A)
  16. eBay Under Meg Whitman
  17. Sony: Transformation 60 & Beyond
  18. Steven Spielberg & DreamWorks
  19. HP's Compaq Acquisition (A)
  20. HP's Compaq Acquisition (B)
  21. HP's Compaq Acquisition (C)
  22. HP's Compaq Acquisition (D)
  23. ICWAI in 2004: Grappling with New Challenges
  24. Toyota in 2004: Managing Innovation in the New Millennium
  25. Comcast in 2004
  26. Infosys Technologies: Expensing Stock Options
  27. Google in 2004: From Startup to IPO
  28. Tata Tetley: Managing the Tetley Acquisition
  29. Unilever in India: Beyond Project Millennium
  30. Ranbaxy Laboratories: India's First Multinational
  31. Li & Fung in 2004: Constructing a Global Supply Chain
  32. The Rise and Fall of US-64 Case
  33. The Birla Family Crisis
  34. Tata Motors in 2004: Going Global
  35. The 3G Mobile Phone Industry in 2004
  36. Nokia: From N-Gage to QD
  37. Nokia: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  38. Nokia in 2004: Losing the Grip
  39. Google in 2004: From Startup to IPO (Part-C)
  40. Google in 2004: From Startup to IPO (Part-B)
  41. Unilever India in 2004 - In Search of a Growth Strategy
  42. The Collapse of Global Trust Bank
  43. Wipro: Value Driven Leadership
  44. Infosys Technologies: Building a World Class Organization
  45. Titan
  46. Business Model Innovation at Housing Development Finance Corporation
  47. Intel in 2004: Looking for Growth Strategies
  48. KKR in 2004: Looking for the Second Act
  49. Reuters in 2004: Fast Forward and Beyond
  50. Apple Computer in 2004: Gearing up for Online Music
  51. Toyota Motor Corporation in 2003
  52. Southwest Airlines in 2003
  53. Bank of Scotia: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  54. Business School Surveys in India-2003
  55. Standard Chartered: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  56. Business Model Innovation at Dell
  57. American Express: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  58. Microsoft's Xbox: Taking on Sony Playstation
  59. Nissan's Turnaround
  60. Procter & Gamble: Organization 2005 & Beyond
  61. FedEx: Competitive Advantage through IT
  62. Starbucks: Evolution of a Global Brand
  63. Cemex: Mexico's Global Giant
  64. Apple Computer: Evolution of Product Line
  65. Linux vs Windows
  66. IKEA: Managing Global Expansion
  67. McDonald's: Cantalupo's Challenge
  68. Qualcomm in 2003
  69. Telefonica: Managing Global Operations
  70. Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co in 2003
  71. Coca-Cola India in 2003
  72. Maruti Udyog in 2003
  73. Lehman Brothers: Managing a Global Investment Bank
  74. News Corp: Making of a Global Media Business
  75. From Philip Morris to Altria
  76. The Hindu: 125 Years in the Media Industry
  77. Waste Management Inc.
  78. Intel in 2003
  79. Intel's Itanium2
  80. Intel's Centrino
  81. Transmeta's Crusoe
  82. Dreamworks SKG in 2003
  83. TESCO in 2003
  84. AMD Opteron
  85. AMD Taking on Intel
  86. Reuters in 2003
  87. The Making of Sony PlayStation
  88. Li & Fung in 2003: Managing Globalisation
  89. Wal-Mart in 2003: The World's Largest Company
  90. Yahoo Under Terry Semel: Towards a New Revenue Model
  91. Agilent Technologies: Incorporating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  92. eBay in 2003
  93. Adidas-Salomon: Incorporating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  94. PSA Peugeot Citroen SA: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  95. Cisco's Turnaround
  96. Dresdner Bank: Incorporating Risk into Corporate Strategy
  97. News Corp in 2004: The DirecTV Acquisition and Beyond
  98. Nestlé in 2004
  99. Motorola in 2004: Zander's Challenge
  100. Procter & Gamble in 2004: Managing Product Innovation
  101. Sun Microsystems in the Twilight Zone
  102. Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid (Part A)
  103. Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid (Part B)
  104. Oracle's PeopleSoft Bid (Part C)
  105. The New IBM in 2004
  106. Microsoft in 2004: Grappling with New Challenges
  107. Samsung Electronics in 2004
  108. IBM in 2004: The Linux Option
  109. Wal-Mart in 2004: Creating a New Image
  110. Wal-Mart in 2005
  111. Microsoft in 2004: Shaping a New Image
  112. Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and the Management of Microsoft
  113. Mahindra and Mahindra: Developing Competencies for Going Global in 2005
  114. Sony Corporation in 2004: Managing a Global Corporation
  115. Summer-izing Home Truths?
  116. Apple in 2005: Moving into the Mainstream?
  117. Cisco Systems in 2005
  118. Pfizer in 2005
  119. Matsushita's Turnaround
  120. Haier in 2005
  121. Evangelism: New Age Marketing
  122. Swarovski's Crystals
  123. The Walt Disney Company: The Early Years
  124. The Walt Disney Company: Looking for Growth (B)
  125. The Walt Disney Company: An Uncertain New Millennium (C)
  126. Balrampur Chini Mills: Moving into Branded Sugar
  127. Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Indictment and Beyond
  128. POSCO in India
  129. GE in India
  130. AT&T in 2005: Merging with SBC
  131. Hennes & Mauritz in 2005: Managing Global Expansion
  132. Ispat International: Consolidating European Operations
  133. The eBay Economy in 2005
  134. Hidesign: Aiming High
  135. Wal-Mart in 2005: Managing Globalization
  136. Wipro in 2005: Vivek Paul's Resignation & Beyond
  137. Microsoft in 2005
  138. Google in 2005: Innovating to Stay Ahead
  139. Marico: Launching Kaya Skin Clinic
  140. Videocon: Going Global
  141. Low Cost PCs
  142. Operations Management at Maruti Udyog
  143. Gujarat Ambuja - Cost Leader in the Indian Cement Industry
  144. Operations Management at Tata Motors
  145. Operations Management at Southwest Airlines
  146. Goldman Sachs in 2004
  147. Reliance Industries - Stock buyback
  148. Credit Risk Management at JP Morgan Chase
  149. Financial management at Bajaj Auto
  150. Hero Honda's Dividend Policy
  151. Wipro's Accounting Policies
  152. Infosys' Accounting Policies
  153. Maruti Udyog's Accounting Policies
  154. Unilever in India - Managing Working Capital
  155. Intel : Managing Working Capital
  156. Microsoft's Dividend Policy
  157. Financial Risk Management at Toyota
  158. Financial Risk Management at American Electric Power
  159. Financial Risk Management in Duke Energy
  160. Financial Risk Management at UBS
  161. Financial Risk Management at Eli Lilly and Company
  162. Financial Risk Management at Mitsubishi corporation
  163. Financial Risk Management at Visteon Corporation
  164. Financial Risk Management at ConAgra Foods
  165. Financial Risk Management at Hersheys
  166. Credit Risk Management at ABN AMRO
  167. Market Risk Management at ABN AMRO
  168. Market Risk Management at JP Morgan Chase
  169. Enterprise Risk Management in Wipro's Software Services Division
  170. Enterprise Risk Management at Boeing
  171. Enterprise Risk Management at Ford
  172. Enterprise Risk Management at Rolls Royce
  173. Enterprise Risk Management at DELL Computer
  174. Enterprise Risk Management at Toyota
  175. Enterprise Risk Management at Infosys
  176. Enterprise Risk Management at GTL
  177. Enterprise Risk Management at Digital Globalsoft
  178. Enterprise Risk Management at Polaris
  179. Enterprise Risk Management at Posco
  180. Enterprise Risk Management at Siemens
  181. Enterprise Risk Management at ING Group
  182. Enterprise Risk Management at Cisco
  183. Enterprise Risk Management at Barrick
  184. Enterprise Risk Management at Lehman Brothers
  185. Enterprise Risk Management at Royal Bank of Canada
  186. Enterprise Risk Management at Commerzbank
  187. Enterprise Risk Management at Microsoft
  188. Enterprise Risk Management at Honeywell Intl
  189. Enterprise Risk Management at BNP Paribas
  190. Enterprise Risk Management at Lloyds TSB
  191. Enterprise Risk Management at ABN AMRO
  192. Enterprise Risk Management at Credit Suisse
  193. Enterprise Risk Management at Statoil
  194. Enterprise Risk Management at DBS Group
  195. Enterprise Risk management at General Motors
  196. Vanilla Coke in India - A
  197. Vanilla Coke in India - B
  198. Unilever in India - Building and Nurturing Brands
  199. Unilever in India - Building the Ice creams business
  200. Marico - Managing 'Saffola'
  201. Parachute- Managing India's leading coconut oil brand
  202. Detergent Wars in India
  203. Unilever in India - Rural Marketing Initiatives
  204. Cipla - Capturing the Global AIDS Market
  205. Coca-Cola India in 2004 -Marketing Strategy
  206. Amul -Evolution of Marketing Strategy
  207. Tanishq - Building a Jewellery Brand
  208. Titan - Building a Brand
  209. Harley Davidson - Evolution of Marketing Strategy
  210. Gillette - Managing Product Innovation
  211. LVMH - Building Star Brands
  212. CavinKare - The Small 'Big' Company
  213. NIKE - Evolution of Marketing Strategy
  214. Red Bull Gives You Wiiiings
  215. L'Oreal's Global Branding Strategy
  216. Madonna - Two Decades of Successful Personality Marketing
  217. Unilever in India - Managing Brand Extensions
  218. Zara - Expansion Blues
  219. Walt Disney's Corporate Governance Crisis
  220. Boeing's Corporate Governance Crisis
  221. Corporate Governance at Merck
  222. Corporate Governance at Citigroup
  223. Corporate Governance at General Electric
  224. Corporate Governance at Merril Lynch
  225. Corporate Governance at Albertson's
  226. Corporate Governance at Royal Bank of Canada
  227. Corporate Governance at adidas-Salomon
  228. Corporate Governance at Tesco
  229. Corporate Governance at Unilever
  230. Corporate Governance at Wal-Mart
  231. Corporate Governance at Bayerische Motoren Werk
  232. Marriott International - HR Practices
  233. Managing Change at United Parcel Service (UPS)
  234. British Airways - Leadership and Change
  235. Human Resources Management at Wipro
  236. Intel: Shaping The Organizational Culture
  237. Nokia: Shaping The Organizational Culture
  238. Unilever in India - Managing Human Resources
  239. Merrill Lynch in 2004 - Restructuring and Beyond
  240. Reliance Industries - The Dispute between Mukesh and Anil Ambani (Part A)
  241. Wal-Mart in 2004 - Managing Succession Planning
  242. Wal-Mart: Shaping the Organizational Culture
  243. Singapore-The Problem of Plenty
  244. France in search of a new identity
  245. Spain - Europe's Rising Star
  246. Brazil - The Perennial Under Achiever
  247. Thailand - The Currency Crisis and Beyond
  248. Colombia in 2003
  249. Indonesia in 2003
  250. New Zealand in 2003
  251. The Netherlands in 2003
  252. Malaysia - Gearing up for a life after Mahathir
  253. Australia in 2003
  254. Argentina - The collapse of the Currency board & Beyond
  255. Taiwan
  256. Yukos - The Fall of a Russian Oil Giant
  257. South Africa in 2004
  258. Canada in 2004
  259. Ireland in 2004
  260. India in 2004
  261. Switzerland in 2004
  262. Sweden in 2004
  263. The World Economy in 2004
  264. The Doha Round and The WTO Cancun Ministerial Conference
  265. Chile - Latin America's Star Performer
  266. Italy - Berluscon's Challenge
  267. Lev Leviev vs De Beers
  268. The Global Car Industry in 2004
  269. Australia in 2005
  270. Cochin International Airport Limited A Case of Public - Private Partnership (A)
  271. Cochin International Airport Limited A Case of Public - Private Partnership (B)
  272. Cochin International Airport Limited A Case of Public - Private Partnership (C)
  273. Indonesia in 2004
  274. The Chinese Yuan: The Revaluation Dilemma
  275. Taiwan in 2005
  276. Ireland in 2005
  277. Thailand in 2004
  278. ITC - Rural Transformation through Technology
  279. China in 2005 - The Yuan Revaluation and Beyond
  280. Will the Internet Kill the Phone Business?
  281. The Global IT Services Industry - Heading for a Shakeout?
  282. Titan: The Outsourcing Journey
  283. General Motors: The CAD - CAM - CAE Journey
  284. Ashok Leyland's ISO 14001 Journey
  285. Operational Restructuring: The Philips India Way
  286. Wal-Mart's Supply Chain Management Practices
  287. Implementing Tata Business Excellence Model in Tata Steel
  288. Operational Restructuring at Harley Davidson
  289. Amazon.com's Inventory Management
  290. The Six Sigma 'Plus' Quality Initiative at Honeywell
  291. Nordstrom's Perpetual Inventory System
  292. Sears Logistics Management Practices
  293. Unilever Restructures its Supply Management Practices
  294. Ping Fu - Inspiring Entrepreneurship
  295. Scott Mcnealy and Sun Microsystems
  296. SMS Advertising
  297. The Indian Kitchen Salt Market - Brand Wars
  298. Raymond - The Complete Mans Brand
  299. Sports Sponsorship - 'The Cricket Ambush Marketing' Dispute
  300. Kerala Tourism - Branding a Tourist Destination
  301. Haldiram's - Marketing Sweets and 'Namkeens'
  302. Reebok's Changing Gameplan
  303. Coffee Parlors in India - Hotting Up
  304. Ujala - The Supreme Whitener
  305. Discovery Channel - Discovering India
  306. Asian Paints - Adding Colours
  307. LG's Marketing Strategy In India
  308. Samsung - The Making of a Global Brand
  309. Social Marketing - Lessons from CRY in India
  310. Richard Branson - Herb Kelleher - Leader Extraordinaire
  311. Sam Walton - Entrepreneur of the Century
  312. Frederick W. Smith - The Entrepreneur who Created an Industry
  313. Meg Whitman - The Driving Force Behind eBay
  314. Henry Ford - A Great Innovator
  315. Carly Fiorina - The Change Leader
  316. Warren Buffett - The Investment Guru
  317. Mumbai's Dabbawalas - An Entrepreneurial Success Story
  318. Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) - Empowering Women in India
  319. Sumantra Ghoshal - A Visionary Management Guru
  320. Lok Satta - A Movement for Democratic Reforms in India
  321. Biocon - Kiran Mazumdar Shaw's Entrepreneurial Dream
  322. Giorgio Armani - The Businessman, the Designer and the Brand
  323. Isaac Tigrett - A Maverick Entrepreneur
  324. Andrea Jung and the Turnaround of Avon Products
  325. Terry Leahy -Europe's Most Admired Leader
  326. Kerry Packer - Australia's Richest Media Baron