Supply Chain Management


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Supply Chain Management Textbook

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management : Overview

Production is a key function in the supply chain. This chapter focused on the role of production in the supply chain and its evolution. Manufacturing processes have been influenced by changing business conditions. In this chapter, we discussed the three key forms of intrafirm production processes - craft production, mass production and lean production.

Intrafirm lean production only helped firms to remove inefficiencies within their internal operations. This led firms to explore opportunities outside the firm to increase efficiency. As a result, interfirm production systems have emerged. The focus of interfirm production is to establish a long-term relationship with suppliers and distributors, and to make joint efforts to achieve efficiency in the supply chain.

The two main interfirm productions systems are - interfirm JIT production and tiered production. The increased pace of globalization, competition, need for better quality, flexibility, and speed in the manufacturing process, has led firms to think beyond their immediate suppliers and customers.

This saw the evolution of supply chain production. Supply chain production considers the entire supply chain to achieve flexibility and efficiency in the production process. Three widely-used supply chain production systems - dispersed production; build-to-order production and production postponement -have been discussed.

Chapter 7 : Overview

Intrafirm Production

Craft Production Mass Production
Lean Production
JIT Production
Revised Layouts
Reduced set-up times Kanban Controls

Interfirm Production
JIT Interfirm Production
Tiered Production

Supply Chain Production
Dispersed Production
Build-to-order production Manufacturing Postponement.