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Today, case studies have become an intrinsic part of the business education curriculum and corporate training. They hold great promise as teaching/training tools by enabling the application of a theory or concept to real situations and by providing a rich basis for developing students’/ trainees’ problem solving and decision making skills. The endeavor of 'Case Folio - The IUP Journal of Management Case Studies' is to publish promising teaching cases that educators/trainers would love to take into their classrooms The Journal is dedicated to publishing original and effective business case studies designed to promote excellence in case teaching.

A quarterly refereed Journal, Case Folio provides space for both decision-based and descriptive cases that significantly contribute to the field of teaching and learning. The intent of Case Folio is to share cases developed for classroom use in any area of business education. The original and forward-looking case studies published by this Journal are a useful reference for all business education professionals, executives, managers, practitioners, and students who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

In publication since January 2002, Case Folio was established to bring outthought-provoking case studies that are international in scope and cover different aspects of management. Possible areas of interest for this Journal include, but are not limited to: Strategy and General Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, IT & Systems, and Governance &Ethics. We also encourage cases that are interdisciplinary in nature and those that are on innovative topics and help bring critical perspectives into the classroom.

Case Folio is guided by an eminent and star-studded international Editorial Board, comprising distinguished academicians and case method experts from five continents. We are privileged to have on board case method experts from B-Schools who have over the years, made significant contributions to case writing and the case method. The board includes past Presidents and board members of the North American Case Research Association, renowned Case Method tutors, award winning and bestselling authors, and people who hold key editorial positions in renowned case development centers.

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