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On January 30, 2020, Kerala became the first state in India to report a positive case of COVID-19. By the last week of March, the number of cases had increased to 100. After the first case was reported, the Government of Kerala (GoK) under the deft leadership of K K Shailaja (Shailaja), Minister of Health and Social Justice, immediately sprang into action and went in for aggressive testing, tightened surveillance, and social distancing. Shailaja also ensured that people did not get stranded looking for food or other essentials.

Kerala’s ‘Shailaja Teacher’ – Leading through Crises
The case study highlights the various aspects of social entrepreneurship and innovation required to tackle a social issue and create impact in a large way. It discusses how 5 young professionals from different fields came together to overcome the challenges confronting the Tanzanian education system and devised highly innovative and cost effective learning solutions through Ubongo.

Ubongo – Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education in Africa
The case examines how Wonderbag, a sustainable innovative cooking model founded by Sarah Collins (Collins), a South African social entrepreneur, contributed towards eradicating poverty and empowering women across Africa and the Middle East. Using the Wonderbag as a catalyst, Collins was working on 2030 Sustainable Goals. Against this backdrop, it remained to be seen whether Collins would be able to empower communities across the globe, help them come out of poverty, and improve the lives of rural women globally through her inclusive and innovative business model.

Wonderbag: Sarah Collins’s Sustainable Innovative Cooking Model for the Poor
The case discusses the entrepreneurial journey of Falguni Nayar (Nayar), the brain behind one of the largest online beauty retailers in India, Nykaa E-Retail Pvt. Ltd. (Nykaa). Nayar’s success came with its own challenges. These included intense competition, inventory problems, capacity building, and having to ensure that only original products were offered in a business where duplicates were easily available. It remains to be seen if the company’s diversification into fashion apparel will pay off, given the COVID-19 crisis. Going forward, what can Nayar do to step up her game and retain her company’s hard-earned lead in the online beauty space in India?

Falguni Nayar – Redefining the Online Beauty Space in India
The case study describes how New Zealand under the leadership of its youngest woman Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, successfully managed to contain the spread of the corona virus. The case also highlights the evidence-based scientific approach taken by Ardern and the trust she imposed in the public health experts to decide on testing, containment, and treatment. The case ends with the economic and political challenges that lie ahead for Ardern and New Zealanders in terms of lack of jobs, rising debt, absence of revenues from the Tourism sector, and the national elections.

Jacinda Ardern – Leading New Zealand through the Covid-19 Pandemic

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