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IT & Operations
Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), an Austrian Bank, headquartered in Vienna was one of the most preferred banks in the Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. The bank was dealing with humongous amount of data of its customers. Frequently this data was also used to create reports for analysis and evaluation of business. The bank was therefore using business analytics tool – Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for its reporting and analysis purpose. The bank was using OLAP with IBM Cognos. Over a period of time, increase in number of customers also increased the data. And so did their business requirements which called for more refined analytical reports. The bank wanted a sophisticated and powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool but at the same time wanted to keep its costs low. So the bank decided to use Microsoft OLAP tool which would expand the existing reporting and analysis instead of completely replacing the existing system of business intelligence analysis. Microsoft OLAP tool proved quite beneficial to the company. The reporting and analysis became precise as all unwanted data was filtered in early stages of analysis. Removal of unwanted data also made reporting process more flexible as employees were now able to select the data required for their reports instead of getting the entire database to go through.

Microsoft SQL Server based OLAP Technology at Raiffeisen Bank International
Denmark-based The Lego Group (Lego), was a family owned company well known for the eponymous LEGO blocks, interlocking plastic blocks which can be assembled to constructs different objects. LEGO blocks were a hit among kids and adults and LEGO experienced immense success during the 70s and 80s. But things took a turn during the 90s and Lego landed in troubled waters. There was growing competition from video games, automated toys and the internet. The toy market was changing fast with new games coming in the market frequently. To cope with the dynamic market, Digital Solutions (DS) department at LEGO also expanded. DS was involved in the creation and maintenance of online digital games. To stream line the operations and collaborations DS implemented SAFe. This new initiative motivated the employees to work better and also helped LEGO in achieving its core values. Implementing SAFe brought many benefits to DS. Teams were less dependent on each other to complete their own tasks, hence saving lot of time. This also improved the ability of DS to meet their commitments on time. There was better synchronization among teams with reduced redundancy of tasks.

SAFe Implementation at Lego
3M was a Minnesota, USA based corporation working in four business segments - Safety and Industrial; Transportation and Electronics; Health Care; and Consumer. The Ethics & Compliance team at 3M was an independent function that reported directly to the Audit Committee of the 3M Board of Directors. This was to ensure autonomy in reporting so that the Ethics & Compliance team could act independently when compliance issues rose at 3M. The Ethics and Compliance team created reports to be presented to stakeholders for analysis. With growth in business across globe, so did the data handled by the compliance department. The department had learned well to change with time and adopt new technology as and when required. The data journey of the ethics and compliance department started with activity based reporting and went on to increase its reach by creating dialogues with third party associates of 3M as well as employees of the company from various departments. Over a period of time the reporting in the compliance department evolved from activity based simple reporting to the use of predictive analytics for complex and more precise reporting and data analysis. Use of predictive analytics helped the department to leverage the humungous amount of compliance data in a proactive way, driving insights and improving performances of employees and departments.

Evolution of Data Analytics at 3M Compliance Department

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