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Leadership & Entrepreneurship
The case talks about the journey of Wow! MomoFoods Pvt. Ltd (WOW! Momo), founded by Sagar Daryani (Daryani), from a startup to becoming a niche player in the quick service restaurant (QSR) business in India.The case starts out with abrief history of WOW! Momo. It then describes the business model of the company. The case also touches upon the challenges faced by WOW! Momo and its future plans to meet such challenges.

WOW! Momo: An Entrepreneurial Success Story
The case is about India’s first electric tractor manufactured by Sonalika International Tractors Limited (Sonalika). The electric tractor heralded a new era in agri innovation in the country and was a technological marvel with high performance. The case discusses the growth of the company and its foray into the farm equipments sector. The case also details the history of tractor manufacturing in India. The innovative technological features of Tiger Electric are put forth and discussed. With its electric tractor, Sonalika embarked upon introducing efficient and pollution free tractors in the agriculture sector in the country. Sonalika’s product offensive strategy is described in detail along with its corporate social responsibility initiatives. The case ends with the future plans of the company. It remains to be seen whether the farmers in India adopt the electric tractor for their field operations and whether Sonalika’s ‘Tiger Electric’ becomes a disruptive innovation in the tractor industry in India.

‘Tiger Electric’ – India’s First Electric Field Tractor
The case is about bKash, a mobile financial services company in Bangladesh. The case deals with the initiatives taken by bKash to provide financial services to the underprivileged sections of society in Bangladesh. bKash provided millions of un-banked customers in the country access to mobile banking services such as operating savings accounts, paying for goods and services, and sending or receiving money in a reliable and efficient mode. The case dwells upon the growth of bKash through the entrepreneurial journey of Kamal Quadir, who founded the company in 2011 and was responsible for its growth and success. The business model of bKash is discussed in detail along with how it used digital technologies for financial inclusion. Various factors contributed to bKash’s success and its growth as the number one provider of mobile financial services in Bangladesh and these are discussed in detail. In the future, bKash is poised to utilize the latest technologies such as face recognition technology, blockchain technology, and IoT to enable more people to come under the ambit of financial inclusion and sustainable development.

bKash Mobile Money in Bangladesh – Promoting Financial Inclusion for the Masses

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