Global warming : Need for a global effort *



Case Code : CLIBE039
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Business Environment
Length : 04 Pages


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The caselet focuses on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. It takes a look at the various conventions held across the world to stem global warming and the release of greenhouse gases. Another aspect that the caselet covers is the various challenges faced in bringing countries across the globe onto a common platform related to environmental policies.


How global warming is increasing at an alarming rate.
Efforts of the United Nations to stabilize greenhouse gas levels.
Concerns of the third world countries in implementing the Kyoto Protocol.
Effects of global warming on the climate of the world.
Stringent emission regulations and their impact on economies i.e. eveloped and developing nations.


Global warming is one of the most serious issues that mankind faces. Global warming is defined as the warming of the earth due to greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon) being emitted into the atmosphere either naturally or because of human activities.

These gases build up in the atmosphere, absorb, and retain heat, thus increasing the temperature of the atmosphere....

Questions for Discussion:

1. Critically evaluate the Kyoto Protocol and its role in controlling the emission of greenhouse gases?
2. Industrialists are worried that emission regulations would reduce the growth of the economy of the developed countries and also prompt businesses to invest heavily on adopting advanced and less polluting equipments, which reduce the profits. Do you think emission regulations are detrimental to the global economy? Justify your answer.

Key words:
Global warming, United Nations Framework, Conference of the Parties (COP), Kyoto Protocol, International Panel for Climate Change, Greenhouse gases.

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