Sparks Fly in the Bajaj-TVS Spark Plug Controversy *



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Publication date : 2005
Subject : Business Environment
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The year 2007 saw a bitter feud between the Indian two-wheeler manufacturing giants Bajaj Auto Ltd. (Bajaj) and TVS Motor Company Ltd. (TVS) over an IPR. Analysts contended that the arch rivals were not just fighting for the technology, but the future of the two-wheeler market.


On September 3, 2007, the verbal feud between India's two-wheeler manufacturing giants Bajaj Auto Ltd. (Bajaj) and TVS Motor Company Ltd. (TVS) took a turn for the worse when TVS accused Bajaj of making malicious allegation against it in an effort to tarnish its reputation. TVS threatened to sue Bajaj for Rs 250 crore (US$ 61 million) if it did not withdraw its allegations and express regret. The controversy had started with Bajaj accusing TVS of using its patented twin spark technology. Bajaj contended that the CC-VTi technology (Controlled Combustion Variable Intelligent) used in TVS new 125 cc motorbike 'Flame' infringed on its digital twin spark ignition (DTSi) patent.

Most of the two-wheelers of Bajaj including the high volume Pulsar, Discover and Avenger were largely based on the DTSi platform.

Bajaj had filed a final claim for patent of its DTSi technology on July 3, 2003, describing it as "An improved internal combustion engine for efficient burning of lean air fuel mixture used in engines working in four stroke principle, characterized in that said IC Engine comprising of"...

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Key words:
Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTSi), Controlled Combustion Variable Intelligent (CCVTi), prior art, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, Honda Motor Company, patent, IPR

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