Hewlett-Packard's Initiatives to Tackle E-Waste in South Africa*



Case Code : CLBE007
Publication date : 2008
Subject : Business Ethics
Industry : Information Technology
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Over the last few decades, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), one of the world's leading Information Technology (IT) companies, took various initiatives to reduce the problem of electronic waste (e-waste). It extended these initiatives to South Africa too where it was a dominant player and where there was a rapid increase in e-wastes. Notably, in 2008, it launched a pilot program in Cape Town that sought to create jobs for disadvantaged people by providing them with training and equipment to dismantle e-waste in a safe and responsible way. In 2009, it took its recycling initiatives in the country further by introducing a business-to-business recycling and take-back program.


» Corporate Social Responsibility.
» Operations management.
» Sustainable waste management system.
» E-waste Management.


In May 2009, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), one of the world’s leading Information Technology (IT) companies, took its recycling program in South Africa a step further with the introduction of a business-to-business recycling and take-back program. HP, the leading IT company in Africa, also offered recycling services for print cartridges in South Africa through its Planet Partner Recycling program.

HP South Africa had already received the ISO 14001 certification and had also launched a pilot project in Cape Town in 2008 that had created jobs for disadvantaged people...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Critically analyze the initiatives taken by HP South Africa to tackle the problem of e-waste.
2. Do you think that the pilot project launched in Cape Town is a sustainable one?
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