Training with Video Games at Cold Stone Creamery*



Case Code : CLHR015
Publication date : 2009
Subject : HROB
Industry : Retail
Length : 04 Pages
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Training, computer-based training, person-to-person instruction, class-room training, computer simulations, animated training modules, custom online training game, simulation, learning management, experiential learning, innovative training tools, training methods, demographics, Generation Y, customer service, inventory, retail, ice cream parlor chain, in-store experience, Cold Stone Creamery, Persuasive Games


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Cold Stone Creamery (Cold Stone), an American ice cream parlor chain, had been using video game as a training tool since 2005. Through the custom-made video game Stone City, the company aimed to train its frontline employees on customer service and sensitize them to ice-cream portions, inventory wastage, and their effect on profitability. As more and more companies used video games as a training tool considering the demographics of their entry-level workers, experts were divided on whether video games were an effective training tool.


Training and Development; Training design
Computer-based training
Functional training Sales training


Cold Stone Creamery (Cold Stone), an American ice cream parlor chain, had made a name for itself for innovative products and in-store experience. The company used in-store made ice cream and combined it with mix-ins, candy, or other items folded in to make new flavors. According to the chain, its competitors could replicate its ice cream quality but not its experience...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Critically analyze the Stone City training video game. Why do you think more and more companies are using video games as a training tool?

2. Discuss the pros and cons of using video games as a training tool.

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