Transportation and Warehousing Facilities at Gati*



Case Code : CLOM011
Publication date : 2006
Subject : Operations
Industry : Logistics
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Key words:

Gati, DHL, FedEx, third party logistics (3PL) service providers, Logistics system, Warehousing, Customized containers, Refrigerated cargo, Strategic tie-up, Multiple locations, Storage locations, Temperature-controlled vehicles, 'Voice of the customer' award, Multi-modal connectivity, Trucking solutions, gati@web, Customer satisfaction, Express Cargo movement, Air transit centers


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The caselet describes the various steps taken by Gati to provide effective logistics solutions to its customers. The company focused on providing both transportation services and warehousing facilities. The caselet focuses on two logistics solutions - ‘Gati Logistics Package'and ‘Gati Trucking Solutions'. The various modes of transport used by Gati in the form of multi-modal connectivity are highlighted along with the company's effort to develop an efficient warehousing network through the launch of gati@web.


  » Need for customer-centric cargo management solutions to overcome competition
  » Utility of modern product storage systems
  » Effective use of multi-modal connectivity
  » Importance of logistics solutions
  » Implementing an efficient warehousing network.


Indian businesses have become very competitive, quick, efficient, and flexible in order to stay ahead of competitors. An efficient logistics system is one way to achieve this advantage, and companies across industries have realized that a good logistics system brings not only substantial savings, but can also drive a company to the top slot.

Manufacturing companies outsource their logistics requirements to third party logistics (3PL) service providers who look into supply chain activities like compilation of order and dispatch planning, physical transportation, in-transit monitoring, confirmation of deliveries, payment to transporters and providing Management Information Systems (MIS) to the client...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Discuss the transportation facilities of Gati. In this context, explain briefly the factors that should be taken into account while making transportation decisions in supply chain management.

2. Discuss the warehousing facilities developed by Gati. What was the rationale in implementing gati@web as part of Gati's business strategy?