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Case Code : CLOM012
Publication date : 2006
Subject : Operations
Industry : Diversified
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Length : 06 Pages
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Key words:

Marico, L&T, M&M, Larsen & Toubro, Competitive advantage, Logistics, Channel partners, Supply chain, Inventories, Collaboration, Enterprise Information Portal, Web-based SCM solution, MIDAS, Economic Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Tendering/bidding, Vendor registration window, Planning/scheduling, Demand forecasts


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The caselet presents an overview of the various supply chain management (SCM) initiatives taken by companies in different sectors like automobile (M&M), infrastructure (L&T) and FMCG (Marico). The caselet also provides an insight into the problems faced by these companies and how implementing SCM solutions helped them overcome these problems.


   Implementing supply chain management solutions across various industrial segments
   Implementing a web-based SCM solution
   Managing relationships with channel members
   SCM solutions as a means to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional ERP system


Organizations across the world are constantly on the lookout to try and find out means and ways to increase productivity across different functions in order to maintain competitive advantage. This is because in most traditional competence areas like product attributes, product quality, price, distribution network etc, companies are more or less on par with each other.

Since the 1990s, organizations have found that an effective supply chain can really become a source of competitive advantage. As a result, many organizations in the global marketplace have implemented supply chain management (SCM) solutions, from the supplier of raw materials to the ultimate customer, to manage the entire production process in a more efficient manner and in the shortest possible span of time...

Questions for Discussion:

1. The ECC division of L&T faced many problems before the implementation of an SCM solution. In what way did EIP and the web-based solution help L&T integrate key supply chain management processes?

2. How did MI-NET and MIDAS help Marico develop its supply chain and improve relationships with channel members?