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Case Code: CLBS127
Case Length: 03 Pages 
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Pub Date: 2012
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject :Business Strategy
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Industry :Electronics Retail
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Promotional Strategies of Domino's Pizza in India



As of 2012, the pizza market in India was among the most vibrant markets, and Dominos was the leading player in this market. The case looks at the different promotional strategies followed by Dominos, since it started operating in the country in 1996.
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  • The pizza market in India and the main players.
  • The promotional strategies adopted by Domino's in India.
  • Different campaigns of Domino's in India.
As of 2012, 250,000 pizzas were being delivered every day in India through more than 900 pizza outlets and, according to analysts, this number could double in the next few years. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in India in the year 2012 was estimated at Rs.27 billion with pizza alone accounting for around half of it. . In 2012, Dominos was the market leader in the Indian pizza market with a 54% market share in organized pizza and 70% in the home delivery market.
Questions for Discussion:
1. What are the promotional strategies that Domino’s adopted to target the Indian consumers?
2. With the growing competition, what promotional strategies should Domino's adopt to maintain its market share?
3. Apart from promotional strategies, what are the other strategies that Dominos should concentrate on to remain a leader in pizza market in India?


Dominos; Pizza Hut; Yum! Brands; Quick Service Restaurant; master franchisee; Brand image; Mc Donalds; Papa John's Pizza

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