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Case Code: CLHR005
Case Length: 2 pages 
Period: ---  
Pub Date: 2008
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject : Human Resources/ Organization Behavior
Organization :--
Industry : Diversified
Countries : --

Culture at Wipro*



This case is about the values which drive the culture at Wipro and how they have evolved over a period of time. The case also outlines the role of Azim Premji in building the Wipro culture. It can also be used in Business Strategy curriculum.
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  • Organizational culture
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
The Wipro Group was set up in 1945 by the Premji family and it used to sell hydrogenated cooking fats. Since then, the company had grown significantly and developed a presence in consumer care and lighting, information technology (IT), medical systems, and hydraulic cylinders...
Questions for Discussion:
1. Analyze the evolution of Wipro's culture from 1971 as reflected in its value statements.

2. What is the role that a CEO plays in building the organizational culture? What is Azim Premji's contribution to building the organization culture at Wipro?


Organizational culture,Leadership,Innovation

* This caselet is intended for use only in class discussions.
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