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Case Code: CLHR024
Case Length: 2 pages 
Period: --  
Pub Date: 2009
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject : Human Resources/ Organization Behavior
Organization :--
Industry : --
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To Test or Not to Test: A Dilemma in Indian BPO Firms*



Indian BPOs were facing a peculiar problem. Alcoholism, substance abuse and promiscuity had become a part of the "BPO culture" and lifestyle. Organizations intended to curb such behavior with alcohol testing and HIV testing measures. Would this policy lead to discrimination, experts wondered.
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It has been widely reported that the very nature of work at BPOs has resulted in employee burnout and other stress-related disorders. The problem was compounded in countries such as India, where employees had to work in night shifts as these BPOs catered to overseas clients.

Working continuously in such shifts, handling stressful transactions with clients, led to mental and physical exhaustion. In addition to workplace stress, the personal habits and undisciplined lifestyle of some employees further compounded their problems.

A combination of factors including monotonous but stressful work, and good starting salary at an early age, pushed some employees toward high risk behavior such as alcoholism, substance abuse and promiscuity...


Carrefour SA. Nardelli,Wal-Mart

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