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Case Code: CLHR031
Case Length: 3 pages 
Period: -  
Pub Date: 2010
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject : Human Resource Management
Organization :--
Industry : Pharmaceuticals
Countries : --

Expatriate Management at AstraZeneca*



The world's fifth largest pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca is known for its strong expatriate management practices. The company has put various mechanisms in place to prepare employees for life in a different country. AstraZeneca, like other companies, has also been challenged to have a relook at its expatriate management practices in the light of the global economic slowdown
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  • Global HRM/ International HRM
  • International Management
  • Expatriate management
  • International staffing
Over the years, AstraZeneca Plc (AstraZeneca) has developed a strong reputation for its expatriate management practices. Expatriate management at AstraZeneca went beyond tackling issues such as compensation, housing, and issues related to the spouse’s career abroad, etc....
Questions for Discussion
1. Critically analyze AstraZeneca's expatriate management practices.

2. According to the 2007 Expatriate Work/Life Balance Survey, 65 percent of expats report feeling the strain of managing the demands of work and home, leading to more anxieties at home and at the workplace. What steps can an organization take to mitigate this?

3. What decisions related to expatriates can organizations take to maximize the benefits to the company despite the ongoing economic recession? Do you think a company that paid more careful attention to selection could further boost their chances of success?


Global HRM,International HRM,International Management,Expatriate management

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