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Case Code: CLHR045
Case Length: 6 pages 
Period: 2015-2017  
Pub Date: 2017
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject : Human Resource Management
Organization :Honest Chops
Industry : Information technology
Countries : US; Global

Google's Corporate Wellness Programs



Google’s corporate wellness program focuses on the health, happiness, and work-life balance of the employees, and is considered as being instrumental in its business growth. The wellness program inculcates a feeling among the employees that they are taken care of by the company and given an opportunity to make their work enjoyable, healthy, and creative. The wellness program of the company teaches lessons on what makes people happy and healthy that helps Google to build a unique office environment. The wellness initiatives of the company provide lasting benefits not only to the employees, but also to the company itself. Despite lavish wellness perks, however, some employees complain about their hectic jobs schedule as they struggle to complete their assignments.
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  • 1) To study Google’s corporate wellness program to make its employees healthy and happy.
  • 2) To understand the wellness perks provided by Google at the workplace to motivate the employees to be more creative and innovative.
  • 3) To appreciate the role of workplace climate and employee’s job satisfaction and productivity
  • 4) To understand the issues and challenges in designing an effective corporate wellness program.
In 2015, Greatist considered US-based tech giant Google Inc. (Google) as one of the 44 healthiest companies to work for in America. As a part of its corporate culture, Google provided an enabling environment at the workplace that took care of employees’ health, happiness, and work/life balance. The wellness program of the company was based on the core idea that healthy employees were happy employees who could be put to more productive and innovative use by the company. Speaking on the wellness programs of Google, Gopi Kallayil (Kallayil), Google’s Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing, said, “Deals are after all made by humans and humans who feel better also build better companies. At Google fantastic new things pop up every day, like self-driving cars and Google maps. Innovation is driven by creativity so mentally healthy and focused engineers is a prerequisite.”...


Human resource management; HR policies; Wellness; Health; Happiness; Work-life balance; Motivation; Productivity; Great place to work; Creativity; Innovation

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