elavO: Toilet Seat Sanitizer for Indian Women*



Case Code : CLMM107
Publication date : 2012
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : FMCG
Length : 06 Pages


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The case discusses a newly launched product - elavO - a toilet seat sanitizer seat in India. Toilet seat sanitizers were a relatively new product category in India where public toilets were known to be mostly dirty, unhygienic, and foul smelling. The case discusses the marketing and distribution strategies of Amra Remedies Ltd., producer of elavO. It provides enough scope to discuss and explore the need for and successful launch of a new product category in India and other similar countries.


Discuss the rationale for the launch of a toilet seat sanitizer spray in India and emerging markets.
Understand and explore the challenges in marketing a sensitive product like elavO.
Discuss and explore the marketing strategies for the launch of a new product category in emerging markets.
Discuss the strategies applicable for products in the early stage of the Product Life Cycle.
Identify the space in the Ansoff Matrix and discuss the strategies the firm has to follow in order to become successful.


It was the middle of the rainy season of 2012 in India when Amra Remedies Ltd. (Amra) launched elavO, a toilet seat sanitizer spray. The word 'elavO', which comes from Latin, means 'wash out' or 'clean', or 'wash clean'. elavO was available in three fragrances - Clinica, Freska, and Limee - with a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of Rs. 99 for a 75ml can bottle (about 150 sprays). The size of the bottle which made it easy to carry and use. Amra claimed that the product helped to make the toilet seat clean and germ-free within just 5 seconds of a spray and offered protection against 99.9% of the diseases occurring due to microbes found in toilets...

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