Amul - Repositioning to Establish 'Youth Connect'*



Case Code : CLMM109
Publication date : 2013
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Food and Beverages
Length : 02 Pages


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The case is about India-based milk and milk products brand Amul's repositioning strategy. It discusses how a traditional Indian brand repositioned itself to meet changing consumer preferences. The case highlights the initiatives taken by Amul to reposition its brand so that it would appeal to the youth segment.


Understand the repositioning strategy of Amul brand in India.
Evaluate the market situation in the Indian dairy market.


In March 2011, India's leading milk and milk products brand, Amul , launched a flavored yoghurt called Flaavyo. It was one of the several products that Amul had launched in a bid to connect with the youth in the country. Within a span of one year, Amul had introduced several new varieties of ice-cream and pro-biotic buttermilk targeted at this segment. It had also associated itself with Sauber, an F1 team from Switzerland, at the maiden Indian Grand Prix event . According to R S Sodhi (Sodhi),, managing director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), "The dull and conservative image associated with Amul products has to be rubbed off the minds of the youth. As a strategy, we have decided to communicate with the new generation more aggressively than ever before." Amul also went in for repackaging and rebranding several of its products in order to establish and maintain a connection with the target segment...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Discuss the reasons for the repositioning of the Amul brand in Indian market.
2. Discuss how a traditional brand like Amul can be repositioned.
3. In what ways can Amul benefit from this move? Give reasons.

Key words:
GCMMF, Amul, brand, brand positioning, brand repositioning, cooperative, strategy, brand portfolio, sponsorship

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