Painting a Perfect Picture



Case Code : CLMM116
Publication date : 2016
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Paint Industry
Organization : Japan Paints (Hypothetical)
Teaching Note : Yes (6 Pages)
Length : 04 Pages


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This case is about how a multinational company, Japan Paints, is faced with the task of arriving at a brand positioning for the Indian market. A market leader in other parts of the world, the company needs to reinforce that status while addressing the large and competitive players in the Indian industry. The Indian consumer is also becoming more aware and demanding in her lifestyle and this is reflected in her expectations from the paint category. The low differentiation among Indian paint brands and a far from pleasant retail purchase process are some other aspects to be considered.


How to arrive at an approach for brand positioning in a competitive category — Indian paints.
How do various aspects — consumer perception of brands, dealer equity, brand’s standing in other parts of the world, etc. — affect Brand Positioning.
Part of launch entry marketing strategy.
What are the kinds of research/ market understanding required before the brand positioning task is embarked upon?.


The company was established in 1870. It began in Japan as a niche operation, serving only the industrial segment (office equipment paints and marine paints). The rapidly growing popularity of its high quality products (enabled by the unique Japanese technology), helped it make a name for itself and gave it the confidence to venture into the retail or decorative category. Its paint offerings were innovative and had functional superiority...

Key words:
Brand positioning, Market entry, Market launch, Brand essence, Paint industry positioning, Japan Paints

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