Bahubali: Making of an Epic Movie



Case Code : CLMM119
Publication date : 2016
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Entertainment, Movies, and Animation
Organization :Arka Media Works
Length : 03 Pages
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This case is about the epic historical film Bahubali released in July 2015. Despite being made in the South Indian language of Telugu, the movie was successful all over the country. The movie was made with a budget of INR 1,200 million (US$ 18 million) but grossed INR 6,000 million (US$ 90 million) worldwide in the first fifty days of its release. Bahubali became the highest grossing Indian movie of all time by overcoming the inherent cultural differences prevalent in India. The first factor that contributed to the success of Bahubali was the focus on quality. Extensive sets and attention to detail given in the movie were unprecedented in the Indian movie industry. Arka Media Works, the production house which made the movie, followed innovative marketing strategies to create hype around the movie. Bahubali proved that movies made in South Indian languages could be successful all over the country.


How can innovative marketing help in making a movie successful
The importance of quality in making a successful product
How can effective promotion expand the market for a product
Role of digital media in marketing communications


Bahubali, an epic Indian historical film released in July 2015, set cash registers ringing and registered record collections at the box-office. To reach out to a larger audience, Bahubali (translates into ‘The One with Strong Arms’) was shot simultaneously in the south Indian languages of Telugu and Tamil and dubbed into other Indian and foreign languages like Hindi, Malayalam, and French. Apart from being successful in its home markets (major south Indian states), it did good business in India’s north Indian markets where Hindi was primarily spoken. The movie was based on a fictitious story set in ancient India. The plot of the movie revolved around two cousins from a royal family who fought against each other to gain control over the ancient kingdom of Mahishmati in south India...

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