Sam Pitroda- The Telecom Wizard



Case Code : CLMISC016
Publication date : 2015
Subject : Miscellaneous
Industry : Telecom/IT
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Length : 05 Pages
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This caselet discusses the telecom connectivity problems that India faced in the 1980s and how the problems were fixed by Sam Pitroda, who became famous as the “Father of the telecom revolution in India” after that. Born in the small village of Titlagarh (Odisha, India), Sam acquired his Masters in Physics and Electronics in India. Later, he left for Chicago to pursue his Masters in Electrical Engineering and soon after became engrossed in coming up with many groundbreaking inventions in the field of technology. He also started a company called Wescom Switching Inc. Microprocessors for telephones, the electronic diary, and Compucards were some of Sam’s creations which brought him into the limelight.


Get to know about the telecom connectivity issues that India faced.
Understand the revolutionary transformation of the telecom sector.
Analyze the challenges faced and contributions made by Sam Pitroda.


In October 2015, while launching his autobiography 'Dreaming Big: My Journey to Connect India', Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda (popularly known as Sam Pitroda) asserted, “Digital India is not a novel concept, let's not get carried away.

It takes decades of work to create a digital India, and doesn't happen overnight.” Sam Pitroda (Sam), known as the “Father of India’s telecommunication revolution”, advised the existing generation not to get carried away with the ongoing high decibel campaign by the Modi administration...

Key words:
Telecommunication,Connectivity Issues in India,Sam Pitroda’s revolutionary ideas,Government’s Support,Transformation of telecom & IT sector

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