Chennai’s Smart City Dream-Just A Mirage?



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Publication date : 2015
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This case discusses the disaster caused during floods in the southern parts of India in 2015. The case specifically focuses on the huge losses and damages in the city of Chennai, a smart city aspirant. Hundreds of people lost their lives, thousands of people became homeless and croplands destroyed. The southern region of India, under the influence of the potent northeast monsoon, usually experienced a wet season during the October to December period. But the heavy rainfall during November- December 2015 broke a century-old record. Life in Chennai came to a standstill because of the erratic rains and persistent floods. Streets got flooded, train tracks and the airport submerged, power and communication systems failing, and hospitals paralyzed...


Know about the damages caused during Chennai floods.
Analyze the reasons that led to the disaster.
Introspect the challenges for the smart city project.


During November- December 2015, the southern parts of India were battered by heavy rainfall that broke a century-old record. The rainfall caused massive floods in the state of Tamil Nadu and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. While the rain wreaked havoc in coastal districts of Tamil Nadu like Nevyeli, Chidambaram, Vriddhachalam, Kollidam etc., cities like Chennai and Puducherry were devastated.

As per official reports, the floods left more than 400 people dead and 20,000 hectares of cropland destroyed. Nearly 1.15 million (mn) people were rescued. Damage and losses of more than INR 1000 billion (bn) were also estimated. Narendra Modi (Modi), Prime Minister of India, announced financial assistance of INR 10 bn in addition to the INR 9.4 bn released in early November for relief and rehabilitation works. Ex-gratia relief of INR 0.2 mn each was also assured from the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) to the kin of those who lost their lives..

Key words:
Chennai Floods,Losses and damages,Causes behind,Smart City preparations,Loop holes & Challenges

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