2015 Chennai Floods-An Ecological Disaster Due to Faulty URBAN Planning and Human Greed



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The case “2015 Chennai Floods – An Ecological Disaster Due To Faulty Urban Planning And Human Greed”, presents the various reasons for the devastating flood and the difficulty in finding solutions to prevent recurrence of such incidents.


Analyze the reasons for an unprecedented disaster in a metropolitan city.
Provide possible measures to prevent future recurrence of a disaster.


In November and early December 2015, Chennai, the fourth largest city in India, experienced its heaviest rainfall in more than 100 years. In November 2015, the city, capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu (TN), experienced 1,024 mm (40.31 inches) of rain, which was 300% more than the normal rainfall expected for the month. The excessive rainfall was attributed to the change in weather patterns due to global warming and the El Nino effect.

The heavy rain led tanks, lakes, and rivers in and around the city to overflow, causing inundation in various areas of the coastal metropolis of six million people. ..

Key words:
Chennai,Disaster Management,Floods,Global Warming,Encroachment,Urban Planning,Real Estate,El Nino,Public Policy,Public Interest Litigation,World Bank,Government of India,Smart City,Development Agenda,Environment.

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