Rescue and Relief during Chennai Floods of 2015 : Role of Social Media



Case Code : CLMISC027
Publication date : 2016
Subject : Miscellaneous
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Length : 04 Pages
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Country India


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The case “Rescue and Relief during Chennai Floods of 2015 : Role of Social Media” talks about Chennai floods of 2015 and role of social media in rescue operations . The case firstly provides detail about how help poured in through social media to the flood victims in Chennai from India and even across the world. It even describes how severely entire city was affected due to severe floods and rains. Further it gives overview about the extent of help provided by social media and Indian civic authorities. At last it discusses an insight from experts about the role played by social media in rescue operations and its positive impact.


To understand the role of social media in rescue operations.
To evaluate the effectiveness of social media and its positive impact on rescue and relief operations.


On December 3, 2015, The Hindu quoted “For the last two days there has been a force in Chennai more powerful than the rains pounding the City - Social media.” The article also stated “While bridges collapsed, floodgates opened and people were confined to their homes, citizens came together on social media – Twitter and Facebook to coordinate efforts to send or seek help with accommodation, food and rescue relief.” Help poured in through social media when India’s fourth largest city, Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu was hit by devastating floods and rains from November 16, 2015, till mid December 2015. On December 1 and 2, 2015, Chennai received more rainfall in 24 hours than it had seen on any day ever since 1901. The storm followed a month of constant monsoon rains that were already well above normal for Tamil Nadu. According to an estimate by the government, 269 people lost their lives, several hundred were critically injured, and thousands were displaced in Chennai in the heaviest rainstorm in a century...

Key words:
Floods,Chennai, Social media,Rescue and Relief,Disaster Management, Civic management, National media, News paper,websites, Google forms, NDRF,Flood victims,Share botton or RT,Aid requests ,Google document.

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