Hyperloop: Reinventing Transportation



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Publication date :2017
Subject :Miscellaneous
Industry :Transportation
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The case is about Hyperloop, a conceptual transport system that can cut hours-long travel between cities down to minutes. Hyperloop is a proposed pod transport system that would operate inside a near-vacuum tube and travel at high speed. The Hyperloop idea resembles magnetically levitating capsules which are sent at high speeds through low-pressure tubes, thereby potentially reducing transport time. Despite claiming its transport benefits for people across regions, Hyperloop has been facing challenges with regard to its basic design, efficiency, and cost. Many are skeptical about whether a high-speed pod transport system like this is truly a new mode of transport and is practical to implement


Understand Hyperloop as a new mode of transport system
Analyze the benefits of the Hyperloop technology to solve the transportation problem.
Understand the challenges faced by the Hyperloop system and explore possible solutions.
Discuss and debate the practicality of the Hyperloop technology.


Hyperloop, a new super-fast transport system envisioned by Elon Musk (Musk), CEO of Tesla, Inc., was inching closer to reality as US-based start-up Hyperloop One completed construction of a full-scale test track known as the DevLoop in the Nevada desert in March 2017. The DevLoop served as a proof of concept, and would serve as a test site for the Hyperloop transportation technology. According to the company, a public test run with the DevLoop would occur in the first half of 2017. The company’s planned construction of its first commercial installation would be between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hyperloop was a supersonic Jetsons-style transportation system in which passenger-filled pods were accelerated through a low-pressure tube to the destination. “Hyperloop is a new mode of transport that seeks to change [a] paradigm by being both fast and inexpensive for people and goods,” said Musk...

Key words:
Hyperloop, Transport system, Innovation, Hyperloop One, Breakthrough technology, DevLoop

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